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District could fire him but the board decided not to let him off the hook so easily all right now we've got more news about this disgraced high school coach corporate training his own team. I mean where to even start I I actually think that we should start with well in a second he make it finally get the punishment he deserves but. did you want like some reported to go to his house mac and I want him confronted grill yeah I can get it and the first question would be yeah what are you what you loser yeah no no that's no no no okay don't use the term light weight and loser that anymore I don't I just get loser. don't use that word I would say he is a Benedict Arnold so if you there was a twelve news I believe reporter who found this guy's house this is what I've been waiting for yeah and confronted and they're going to knock on the door yeah and they're gonna bring this coach John to throttle the guy right it would verbally verbally questionably throttle him this is what happened. let's. I was so me explain it you've got I think we know what happened he was well he was he answered the the answer the door yeah he says on the phone and he and his eyes are wide open because he's like oh my goodness I see a TV camera right he gets asked the question right. he says no and then he closes the door so not only does he betrayed his own team not only does he give plays to the opposing coaches but now he's a liar. he won't even be won't even in you know what that he's this miserable human being you know what what I don't blame him for this you know what I blame the report are right okay you know so you know what I know she did the best job she could easily slam the door in her face well you got that's why you wear you know steel toe shoes as a reporter so you can stick your foot in there is the exact yeah your answer my question you go and if you don't like the questions about put a boot in you there you go where there's doc martens. so so the first thing she said he's never asked don't AS soon Hey are you know just say Hey Hey you coach are you this bad no no no no don't ask don't ask getting sick no hello this you're the best person that right okay what's your response what's your response to given away all the all the all the all the plays yeah and putting kids health at heart there you go yeah instead of Hey are you Justin Bieber no Justin Bieber that's what it sounds like okay Justin Hager. so I wonder if honestly I wonder if he's packing the house up and he's getting out of town he looked like he was kind of busy it did look like he was kind of busy and maybe there were some moving trucks in front of his house I are you gonna do the yard sale he's going to pack it all of whom he just if you're listening I'll I'll drive your sorry we ran to the airport and I'd be happy to get you out of town I'm just saying I think putting that out there do you even better if you just drove the moving truck to the next what we're only like to go I will I'll move it you're listening to the big Ford for Ford big block buster stories big story one is about disgraced mountain point assisting coach he betrayed his own team now let's talk about is he finally going to get the punishment he deserves because you know police are also nothing else yeah we brought that up what could you do to this man throttle well the sides of physical altercation verbally thrown what given mnogi what that's what I would do are you now in high school and give them a purple Nerval is what I would call I bet yeah that would really teach him and they put you in a four figured leglock or whatever it's called so anyway figure four leglock there you get a wrestling term correct Hey it lit well at least I'd conocer no we're talking about so here's a here's what we tried to figure out yes could you get this guy off line some kind of list some kind of website some kind of indicator that says this guy turned on his own team well now we have an answer yeah the Tempe Union High School district's board of governors. did not accept his racket resignation. what does that mean because he tried to resign they won't let us write the rare decision not to accept takers resignation means he is still an employee but now the district can formally fire him potentially putting his teaching certificate in question okay if he were to leave on his own. they couldn't put his teaching certificate. you know hanging in the balance they wouldn't it yeah they couldn't they couldn't say it is telling away right yeah so a formal termination requires the district to report their charges to the state right which regulate regulates all teaching certificates of the move by the board could potentially give the state reason to revoke Hager's certificate for good they will say in this state that had not take right right he cannot get it back so technically he's not allowed to quit without approval from the governing board there you go he is now still an employee he has not quit he still an employee. you know what I would do yeah yeah okay problem was one pass that I if you still want employee that means he works for me and that he still works for the school okay okay any gave all the plays a way to football yeah yeah can we make him the tackling dummy I just love the kids everybody had to say it's football season run a bad lesson to kids now I'm just wondering you know this happened to me I'm coming from a place of anger mac you should so I I don't know if I'm thinking completely straight straight yeah yeah no I hear you this happen to me when I was sixteen I worked at a supermarket when I actually Donnie now I got worse they are the I they said I was quitting or I told them I was quitting they made me wash the entire supermarket with a mop and a and a bucket by myself and then they made me clean the bathrooms all which they made sure needed to be clean all let's see usually I would be the guy to stand up and say Hey no let's not do that yeah let's that you know don't don't don't go to that level this time I would do it I would make sure that I would eat some you know all right all right we got a hand him a toothbrush okay and go go out at young man okay that your punishment so. I food very good okay I think that it is with Bruce and Pamela today David Hines joined them he's the executive director of the a I get is the A. I. A. gonna problem I don't know here's what I here's what I do know from listening to that interview. because this now deals with okay what do you do with the opposing coaches who took the information I may have used it some coaches say I saw it I reported it I deleted it here's what I got out of David Heinz I think what he's saying is. that. if you received an email from this from this guy Hager and you looked at it in you need to get this investigate yourself and turn in a report to us. what that sounds along yourself yeah that sounds to me like you know our our district's gonna investigate themselves and what. our system well well it the district. like the principal or somebody could interview or air investigate the coach he's not saying Hey if you use this come forward because you need to unburden your soul is not so bad no no okay and investigate yourself. report to us right the a I a and then we'll give that to our board in October I don't know I think that there could listen if a coach took the information an opposing coach because we know the information it's not it's not below them to try and lie or scrub there you know email or what have you ready to to we would get caught may we get caught by the by the disorder investigating themselves I don't like that they were busy where's the third party to investigate them. because if there are you think that would be the higher ups in the district right I'll investigate them I have time on my hands I can do it because I'll tell you right now or not busy how Froghall throttle them. okay all right that's big story one talking about the disgraced awful mountain appoint existing code she's this enough though he's taking his teaching certificate and putting him on the list in the state of Arizona enough because he could move to another state I'd start because crap all over again he could you know what I would do I would hire somebody to follow him around you know and and make sure that he's not allowed to teach at another school or not or is he they got hired I can do that too all right coming up in big story to on the big Ford for Arizona teen suicide has skyrocketed why it's coming up hi Becky Lynn gets is up to date right now airs on his new station. G. A. R. news flash it is four fifteen and Becky Lynn with three things you need to know.

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