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Christy winters. Welcome back to the show. It's so good to be on. Thank you for the invite. It's always so nice to talk with you. Absolutely. Is my pleasure. I'm so glad you're here. Thanks for taking the time. This is this is a tough one. I know that we've kind of referenced Louis CK in the past. And when this latest recording came out, it's just this is one of those topics that I just I can't help but think about and try to work my way through and I was thinking all do some monologue ING about and I thought what's it'd be better than that as having Christiaan some smart person to sound off with and maybe kinda check back and forth and see see how we feel. So I'm really glad you're here. I put myself through the through the pain of listening, the whole set, the actually I didn't I didn't even know. I was going to do that. I just kind of at the last second. I was like, you know, I guess I'll see what else is there. Maybe if there's there's anything that would explain or justify kind. The leaked bits. But just to reset slightly. I guess there was a Louis C K kind of leaked audio recording of a set. He's working on now and to one one a half or two minutes leak that was really incredibly boring. Offensive anti trans stuff like circa twenty ten jokes about identifying whatever. N? It's so tired and unfunny like is not even a creative right wing offensive that stick, you know, it's it's really not what I would ever have expected from Louis before. But you know, now, obviously he's in a different different situation. But so that kind of leaked and it was he's bashing. He can listen recording. If you want, obviously, if people don't want to really shouldn't. But he's kind of bashing young people like oh young people testifying congre. Why aren't they just deer drinking jello shots and having sex with each other and do whatever, you know, why they identifying whatever that kind of like get off my lawn humor. And do you. Do you heard that clip, right? Just the short one. I remember seeing people pass around the script of it and talking about whether the script was a good representation of the audio. What that's right. If I it was a script the script was one hundred percent what it was in the clip..

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