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Tonight GIO Gonzalez will be pitching for the brewers going against Clayton Kershaw. This should be this should be pretty good. Pretty exciting thing about the brewers. Now they've won eleven in a row and given the civil templates at Sunday that wants to twenty days, right? I always get a little nervous though with baseball teams that are hot. And then they have like most of the week off baseball players thrive on timing and playing every day. Hitters. You could tell I would not be surprised if the brewers get off to a slow start tonight. At the plate. This happens time and time again, you can take all the batting practice all the BP you want, but that's not the same as live pitching. And again, even played since Sunday, I expect it to be a factor in this game. If they do win though that's twelve wins in a row, and then a Wisconsin restaurant chain, George Webb George Webb Burger's been businesses like the fifties. And the sixties I guess the brewers win twelve straight. Everybody gets free burgers this last happened in nineteen eighty-seven gave away one hundred seventy thousand burgers that day. The workers were still talking about it from back in the day. One person from nineteen eighty-seven actually got a burger and frozen. Still has it thirty one years later. I don't know if that counts as memorabilia, I'm not sure nonetheless Craig counsel, the brewers manager and the press conference yesterday and how he feels about bringing winning baseball back to Milwaukee. It's a thrill look. I think Niger. After I retired was to be a part of this organization in any way. I could to help baseball, and Milwaukee and Wisconsin I didn't set out with a plan to to become the manager or do anything else. I wanted to help we've gotten to this day or this point. And and so you're it's it's it's pretty cool for sure, but I do feel like baseball in Wisconsin. And Milwaukee is is part of my responsibility. And I'm the best reason to celebrate this for me is you see it makes everybody feel and how we've been able to take fans and on a journey here this month, and hopefully hopefully finds new fans that are enjoying baseball. So you have the brewers coming from the smallest market in major league baseball taken on the second biggest market in the Los Angeles Dodgers. So it it look some of you may not have seen the brewers play a lot of baseball this year because of that, and they don't get a lot of exposure. They're not on national TV a lot. They are fun team to watch. There is no question about it. One of their players is fun to watch this Christian yelich. This guy's probably going to be the MVP came from the Marlins. Yeah. That's right. Derrick jeeter not only got rid of Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees. But he also got rid of Christian yelich as well. Who looks like he's going to be the MVP about tell you. They had some good players down there in south Florida. Now, they're all over the place yelich in his press conference on what he's learned about his team during this eleven game winning streak you can accomplish a lot when you're just focusing on the president and one game at a time. And not getting caught up in.

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