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Tony hey Tom and Roberta the Tigers lose their third neuro in ninth in the last twelve games as they fall to the Chicago White Sox seventy two in Sunday's finale of that four game. Weekend series at Comerica park kind, of a so-so outing. For sorta Jordan Zimmerman he. Takes the loss after, giving up five runs on eight hits while striking out five over six innings Meanwhile. The, Tigers, retire the. Number three of hall of fame shortstop Alan Trammell during a special ceremony that took place before yesterday's contest among those in attendance. For that event Lou Whitaker who was asked by reporters if he believes that he'll ever see his name and number. Next travels on the Tigers wall of fame at Comerica park can go out there and paint my name Hey maybe that's what I'll do tonight I shouldn't say this I'll say juicy. Paint on the wall tonight without drill they come look. At the Little League World series yesterday Hawaii captures the title for the, third time in tournament history with three nothing victory. Over South Korea in yesterday's championship game lions will be back on the field. For their first practice of the week later today at the team's complex and Allen park after the, first week of action in high school football muskegon is ranked as the number one team in the state according to. The people at max preps dot com rounding out the top five this week after the big red are king west Bloomfield warned de LaSalle, and Cass tech Red Wings head coach Jeff flash tells reporters yesterday if Henrik Zetterberg isn't ready to play at, the start, of the upcoming regular season October fourth he will likely retire from. The NHL the thirty eight year olds Ediburgh has been struggling with an injured. Back which has kept. Him from training as, he normally would. This off season Bryson d Shambo wins the first. Event in this year's FedEx Cup playoffs the, Northern, Trust open yesterday in New Jersey That was the second one of the year on the, PGA tour.

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