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That's travel show it from her media dot com. Alright, let's turn to rose in Flemington. Thank you for calling Rose. Hi. I'm so sorry to hear this, but I just want to ask you a stupid questions. Um, as everybody doesn't want to fly. I had called a number of weeks ago about travel tips That was in flushing that had the freighter. I'm sure not all traitors are closed down and floating around like a lost island. If one would take along a lot of book on DH. Not that we were probably extract we chose. Yeah, Rose. We had a call about this a couple of weeks ago, and they said that they had heard that freighters are not accepting passengers right now. Because of the pandemic. Unfortunately, just this week in Europe, Ah River Cruise ship came down. The passengers and crew came down with Cove. It It seems like they keep trying to make cruises of all sorts safe, but they haven't cracked that yet. And in craters have added problem of liability because it's a commercial venture taking on passengers. They're not really set up for that risk, so I just think Ah, lot of the freighters have just said until this is finished. We're just not going to do it. Yeah, Yeah, I want to say that Arthur As far as I'm concerned, should be put to statehood because there are many people who had wonderful times in the seventies and eighties, traveling with your guidance, and we are eternally grateful. Will I let him know he's probably listening today. My dad, Arthur Frommer's still is around and he still is running the company with me, and I'm sure he appreciates that. Thank you. Rose. Alright, let's turn to Joseph and Paterson Newjersey. Hey, Joseph. Nice to speak with you. All right. First of all, I'm kind of job because I'm dealing with the summer being over now, in the news about your show that that really got British feet down so hard to hear that, but I'm sure Monday the ABC will be getting a lot of calls from your fans and get you back on possible. I won't say that would make me upset. Believe me. Ah, I'm not sure what to do. Ah, my sardines down. Definitely not goingto watch sports. I know that. Yeah, um So where would you go? Joe when this is all over? What's your plan? I had this crazy idea. I hadn't been there in 30 years. I just wanna ask. They're still around. I recall going to the Gene Autry we see and the Roy Rogers museum reliving my childhood. In California had to be 30 years ago. Are they still around? How they survived? The Gene Autry Museum is still around its in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. I don't know if it's open at this moment because of the California rules. But yet it's a museum of the American West, essentially still see old stage coaches that have been preserved and really thinks that you kind of don't see a lot of and other museums about our own national history, So it's still around. It's really easy to reach. It's pretty much in the heart of L A so You get out to l a again, you have to make sure to go. Roy Rogers from museums, Salon and Victor. Still, I think that when I'm not so sure about Victor Ville of courses for people don't know is much further away from L. A. It's not part of the L. A area. So on Roy Rogers being a name that fewer people know these days, But I don't know I can I'll look into it. I'll let you know. All right. Thank you for calling Joseph. Let's turn to Elian. Weehawken. Ellie, You're live on the Frommer Travel show. Thanks for calling. Get afternoon. First of all I want to say thank you for everything and see you really soon because I know you guys are gonna be back on the air. So we love and miss you guys and one of the places that I want to travel in Mexico because our neighbors to the South is so kind. Yes, I haven't. I've been all over, but I haven't been part of a yard of Mexico. I hear it's beautiful. And the beaches and everything and I love going away and and they take such good care of you. You know when you have a sword, or when you're in hell, there's nothing like the hospitality in Mexico. They really are incredibly gracious and kind and have such great food. It's It's one of my favorite destinations. Anything I should miss there in the Pacific area that you would recommend. Oh, boy. Well, right next to Puerto Vallarta is what's called the Riviera. NYR eat. And there are these things called Magic towns. They were places where There They were colonial towns where everything is really perfectly preserved to actually look like it would have during colonial times, so that means that they've even gone to the trouble of taking power chords and bearing them underground. So nothing looks like 21st century. Everything looks very old, and there's some amazing what they're called Magic towns. Along the Riviera, NYR Eat near Porta Vallarta. Thank you for calling Ellie. Yeah. Alright, so much. Let's turn to Joe and I have an answer about the Roy Rogers Museum. Great. Hey, was right. It wasn't Victor Ville, which is on the was on the highway between L, A and Vegas. Unfortunately, that was moved in. Ah, 22,003 to Branson, Missouri. It didn't last very long. There. It closed permanently in 2010, and it's stuff was distributed by auction. Roy Rogers. Dale Evans Museum is no longer well, All right. Let's talk to Joe in New York City. He? Hey, Joe. What do you know? Ah, all in jail first, I well, Jen, I want to say profitable bank Jenkins. She's the best CNN. Yeah, she is. Eva rate. I also want to thank you guys. I want to thank you guys. So all you did, and you can't will do in the future. And your father has done the brother American veteran to me. Yes, And I wanted one very, very important things. One I like this American belief of five or six days a week to food banks. So the other American veterans, Sharon's won't go hungry. I bring my surf, but with me he is a very big mongrel, and this is good training service animals to get used to the motion, train general and fight. I'm sore. Paul and I e. I struck him in the seat next to me, and he's like completely at home. Oh, that's great, Joe. Well, it's so great hearing that you're doing that, As Joe says, support the food banks of New York. We've got a lot of hungry people, including veterans out there. We have to take our last break up. The show will be right back Bernie character to tell.

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