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Six years old being armed trained to fight drug cartels in organized crime in one part of western Mexico the movie is not surprisingly being slammed by human rights groups so we go in depth into this practice and why would a group determined to fight bad guys stoop to using kids as help LA's mayors in Washington DC today to try to work out a deal for federal resources to fight the homeless crisis but will Eric Garcetti be able to secure the funds and what will they actually be used for can the feds and president trump really help solve this massive problem and water turns into wind him but it's not a religious experience tens of thousands of gallons of red wine spill into the Russian river up in Sonoma county which could have a big impact on the water quality and life in the river house managers finishing up their opening statements and president trump's impeachment trial wall the Senate Republicans seem to have their minds made up already are the Democrats really just speaking to the public in hopes of influencing November election and is the public paying attention new report finds people getting lonelier and working at home and social media might be the biggest reasons will go in depth together about how loneliness is a growing health concern and you can leave pot at the airport but you cannot take it with you why not we'll explain later on okay back to our children we just want to know back to arm children in Mexico his something being done to stop this order do the kids want to be vigilante is to protect their communities with us now is LA times reporter Kate let the calm in Mexico City who has been following this closely so Kate the whole notion of of what six year olds being armed with guns sounds ought yeah it upsetting definitely earned an image here is that the initiation ceremony our there are two rifles during military exercises really geared up for a lot of people across Mexico now that we can link you leaders who our training care are learn burned other topics and techniques you can live in a cart or get it off the ground and the mother of you for extortion trafficking routes or and the for the government is there to help them so you are and then or now their children to protect themselves so is this them saying look we don't have enough people we actually need kids let's give them guns or is them saying Hey government things are so bad were having to have kids protect the town or is it a little of both well there are at in recent months our current had so much in the street and arms on kids and focus and targeted it would really need to know how to defend themselves because the if you could extend the violence and there is an incident last week where you this in our were killed for not having getting our earned by the fact that your account number and the youngest one of them with fifteen other people know that maybe this is the way of the vigilante group get some attention here with the growing violence in their new Gen and obviously for our children and young and holding rifles we'll be back is that what in fact this is is it just sort of a a publicity thing in a way to get people to pay attention but it's more than just a publicity thing our one of our most eight thanks to Carl and there are wide while at the feet where the government has little control twenty thirteen weeks in a rising up the transcript emerging I think people have a pretty good point when they say that it's a dark and shall not be well the president the new president had that non confrontational approach it was what hugs not bullets is he still sticking with that working right yeah need criticizes Kirch are militarized public security in Mexico sending soldiers out into the streets anti first but that's not going to fix things what is needed is a more holistic approach he focused on getting cash payments you for people to young people basically to keep them out of gangs it hasn't worked so far Mexico or Canada there are number of homicides last year and thank you for asking for an unmarked car I'm sure he well he preferred the social fabric yeah thank people one not and action smart but silly times reporter Kate slim to come in Mexico City Kate thanks in a right about now I normally tell people how they can listen to the came next in depth podcast you know by downloading the radio dot com app for free on their smartphone right that whole thing right but but what people think really wanted always yesterday we mentioned that you were going to probably be watching that new Star Trek yeah I saw your tweak there was your you did spot Thursdays are my new favorite days isn't that good really it's eight well I don't know if you don't like Star Trek maybe you don't like it but if you watch like the next generation it's just Oct back in now it's different but it's like he's back how great and you can listen to Mike's review if you download the ten minutes on the end of today's podcast writer nothing but talk about starter okay and can extend continues in just about three minutes from the fed's rescue LA from its homeless crisis here's the thing saving money with geico was almost better than playing pickup basketball because there's always that guy who joined your game he never passes the rock he constantly bricks threes and.

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