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Then I go further into the analysis and demonstrate savings full. We borrow from abroad. Now, I might add eighteen trillion dollar debt. Combination. That is. Dr capital investment that does come through and indeed in urinalysis along with Mr. Wooldridge of the great recession, and they quote recovery that followed it it really did put into stark terms that the ten years after the panic have not been errors of dynamic capitalism. Nothing like the previous American recovery's. But I was curious about the current situation. There was an argument that Donald Trump's election unleashed the animal spirits again. You're a student of irrational exuberance, the student of bubbles. But this doesn't look like a bubble to me does does the current period of vigor in the economy. Look like a bubble to Alan Greenspan. Well, we're done in a different manner. That is. Find that particular tax cut. Administration initiated. Is one which does unleash capital investment, and hence productivity and standards of living. The only problem is we're not paying for it. Result. We're what you're saying. Several debt. Nobody cares about several. It's not a political issue. I'm to ultimately engenders question. Always has an attest. Just no question. The excess spending will reemerge and you do warn about stagflation it at length about bubbles returning. I have to ask you about one headline from this morning before coming back to capitalism in America. And by the way, America and get it today at Amazon dot com, and you will read it in three days. That good fidelity says it will trade bitcoin for hedge funds. All right. Alan greenspan. What do you make of crypto currencies in our current market situation? Well, you have to understand what is a crypto currency. And. I crypto currency. I know. World at large continentals which were issued in seventeen seventy five to fund the war. Paper money and paper money goes on. No docking results. What happened in seventeen seventy five. Through. I mean. The whole structure. Fell apart. Currency don't exist indefinitely unless they're packed some prudent. Cisco. Corn is a fire currency meaning. One factor involved in this process, which which is where the.

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