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Sign up in port Richey for mayor and move on from the Muller reports democrat wisdom on at eleven thirty on NewsRadio WFL. The the this. This this Peter Sweitzer revelation of Joe Biden is remarkable. It's really interesting, and he says, his only defence is basically to claim that you know, that hunter Biden had got all these deals because of merit. And I think that's ridiculous response. One point five billion dollars, and Goldman Sachs and J P Morgan. Chase don't have these deals. The other side of it though. It's like we we're looking at it from the Biden side, right? And we're saying this is obviously shady he's going there because he knows his influence, and there's some shady deal going on. And we don't know. I don't think we have necessarily evidence per se that there is a exact quid pro quo right like where he's acted on behalf of these organizations. It's just a lot of connecting the dots and Peter does a great job doing that. But you have to look at it from also the Chinese perspective right years there, and you want something out of him. Who you to get the deal to write like, they are even if they can't guarantee they're getting something out of Biden, they're going to why not if we're gonna invest a billion dollars. Anyway, why not give it to this guy? Because then we have the additional benefit of all these things potentially coming through to the White House. It's why they always say they Trump of this all the time, and it's not billions of dollars with Trump. They'll be like, well, you notice how every time some delegation comes in. They all stay at the Trump hotel in Washington DC, right? Right. And it's like, well, if you're if you're you're a delegation from Saudi Arabia, and they gotta stay in a hotel anyway, which what are you going to? I certainly would pick the Trump hotel, even if any impact at all even if you're going to meet with the president just to be able to say, hey, I stayed in your hotel hotel. It was great. It was great. Everybody's president Biden. You know, I've been working with your son. He's fantastic just being able to say that has a subliminal subtle effect. Without even a direct consequence. Everybody is questioning on the on the left and the media how come how come he believes Putin over our intelligence agency? Well, okay, if your Intelligence Agency John Brennan is giving false information. And it's and you know, you didn't have any collusion. You knew there was nothing going on and you're fighting against it, and the and the intelligence agencies are saying all these bad things about you that now today John Brennan comes out and says, I was just given bad Intel. Well,.

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