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Three point five on the clock boston trailing by to the limbaugh frontcourt farside i like quick hitter here i like picking about you don't have to go very fast but put it on the four seat you get a seem very quickly to the basket or looking to inbound gets it into horford right on top of the three point line guarded by maker drives by the dog and a whistle the foul called on maker prevents the two points there but horford goes to the line of chance to tie that's actually a good foul because you don't give up the dunk that quick hitter i was just speaking about driving to the basket make sure you get something and you get a pretty good free throw shooter just under eighty percent on the season or for it to get to the line the line three three so far tonight i one is away it is good and we got a one point game maker picked up his second personal maker with four blocked shots in game four the five blocked shots in three chevy ozone checks it and it's a defensive move for brian stevens horford as one more free throw it trying to tie this game twenty nine point six seconds to go free throw up and in deadlocked at one zero two five second differential to on the shot clock straight up defensive effort here by boston led so will walk it across half court now a standing dribble jason tatum about fifteen feet off yeah that's it ma it makes sense to get something going to the basket don't wait too long as they are right now though so works his way to the left wing picked up by always late seventy shoots dousing gets a maker writer the circle gives it to brogden three to shoot braga download flips it up toward the rip gets the twice two five point one on the clock boston bowl down to here in game four tip was just flat out sensational but brogden ability to get the ball up on a very difficult shot going to his left behalf running hook shot i didn't think it was gonna make the rim i didn't think it was going to get high enough to hit the backboard did and that allowed big guy to get in there and drop one down on a tip we got a.

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