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Yeah new guy greg yeah winning life greg get us on a game show often vpn what nickname i'm done with sausage jeans i think we gotta do i never joined that t is all i can air winning life is the best one because he claims he's winning let's do win attlee nothing hey by if you say would actually how that came about it was fun good explain explain you guys laugh he was amuses clown oh you are pretty much forget you guys all right i'm hey i'm off to the vince smart arena to watch the lakers upset the utah jazz and the most amazing thing is going to happen next john which is the ocean shade jackson junior show oh you use them the big chair he's taking a big chair i'm moving all small chair i'm just following along as o'shea guides me through whatever the hell he wants the immortal words of bart scott can't wait yes why not tomorrow all right mason espn la say jackson junior show live in an effect sitting here with my man was sean ski these mason legend all that's awesome let me just start off by saying you know sports builds these superstitions that we all you know whether we like it or not we hold onto and i have an apology to to send out to my man rich eisen yeah my man rich i mean him good friends and right before the game yesterday i said if michigan pulls this off rich eisen just tell me your ring size what's going to hook them up you know really.

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