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Sea just singlefamily house that the going rate for rich 1200 month pulled up to twenty four hundred a month because me mr obama take care you you're my boys wall street put up to twenty four hundred wall subsidize it we'll let the taxpayers on main street we'll let the person who's on main street the husband and wife or or or struggling who make seventy thousand dollars year between them well wake him or compatriot the paycheck will make them pay for we'll make them pay for thanks obama so obama takes care of his buddies they discount they get these beautiful discounts all these hedge funds 25 cents under dollar and then when they all know houses they can go out and say we have a beautiful home come rented it's only six hundred dollars well you and i feel in the six hundred and the 1200 are the six hundred and two thousand way you and i are now guess what we're broke the country broke there's no money we have more than one million low income americans that are living in these homes their low income subsidized people they weren't supposed to get these houses they shouldn't be in these houses there envision these rents are so high but they don't pay for you would i do now here's the other deal the nobody want nobody wants to talk about nobody washed talk what is it what does it varney in pain and maria barroso talked about this when i get back on our tell you how we taxpayer getting screw that you know nothing about by obama and his boys on wall street from his want more information on the show go to fills gained dot com or give them a call eight seven seven six hundred game hi my name is rarely phils getting dot com most people would love.

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