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Did specifically watch from last week was President Obama's speech. He was back in the spotlight. Of course, his speech has to be expected, was well received by the by the audience by the Democratic National Committee by the by the delegates that work sitting in a room somewhere thousands of miles away, not being able to participate in the convention. But a line that got attention from from leased a few sources. Where they called it a historic speech. Historic On what basis The line that that most people point out the Pointer newsletter points this out. Obama stood up for the press in his speech, saying, quote A free press isn't the enemy but the way we hold officials accountable. I actually find that kind of laughable. I know that the Obama administration is like ancient history. It's like studying the Roman Empire or the Greeks. It's just, you know so long ago. Maybe we ought to try to remember how Obama and his administration actually treated the press, particularly as President. Trump takes the stage this week. Because I'm sure he'll talk. He'll use the phrase fake news at some point, and he'll call out CNN or he'll call out You know, some lie that the media has pushed about him and rightfully so. But I just find it deliciously ironic that Obama would say that a free press isn't the enemy. But the way we hold officials accountable. Really? Obama didn't tweet mean things about the media. He did something else. That he did several things for one, his administration used the espionage act to actually go after whistleblowers. I don't mean to just like Produce their names but to actually go after them legally. And forces for journalists more than any other administration combined. They went after them too. Yes, including the current administration. Which technically is done it twice. With reality winner and Julie Massage related to crimes from before the Trump administration came into office. Obama's administration did it seven times. And in fact, the Obama administration did something that Well, if Nixon had done this If regular Bush had done this There would have been apoplectic screams from the media. The Obama administration targeted journalists specifically. They secretly obtained the phone room phone records from Associated Press reporters they spied on Fox News reporter James Rosen. Now that hasn't happened in the past three years. We don't have any stories and Lord knows if the Trump administration had actually targeted journalists. Or secretly obtained their phone records. It actually spied on reporters using the NSA. Oh, we have heard about it. And there would've been wholly held a pay, but we haven't heard about it because it hasn't happened. The feminine media recognized this problem. They recognize the problem at the time. For example, that Columbia journalism Review Wrote about the lasting damage to press freedom Pro Publica on the crackdown of leaks about how bad that watch the Washingtonian magazine had a great round upon the mind boggling record of Obama's transparency. Obama was nice about it. And Trump tweets, rude things. So let's try to retain some perspective about the real way that Obama treated the press during eight years in the White House. It wasn't exactly the way the press should have been treated. But as I said, It's ancient history. Like most of the media like you mentioned earlier, most of the media. Everyone on Twitter absolutely loved Joe Biden speech last week, but because, well, Twitter's Twitter What matters is how you loved. And whether you loved it the proper way. Did you love speech the right way. Here's cable news regular Michael McFaul with the representative Tweet about speech quote. I have heard many Joe Biden speeches and even helped write a few of them. That was by far his best speech ever when the stakes are highest. Biden is delivering Hashtag group to do Sir. Long Well, who's the founder of the Bulwark, which is a group of anti anti Trumpers? Never trouble Republicans. I don't what we give them any time at all. Was wild, too. She tweeted on Friday. Obviously, Joe Biden is not a political confirm it even yet Last night's speech, with its emphasis on flag, family, faith and character was more thematically conservative than any speech I've ever heard. Trump deal That, of course, was wholly unacceptable by the extremely online Twitter police led by none other than one of my favorite journalists sold at O'Brien, the former CNN host turned Twitter troll tweeted out flag, faith, family and character are not conservative values. What is wrong with you? What kind of a terrible person says this? Do you not know any people of color? Who over Index and serving their nation? Have you met no black evangelicals? Re examine your choices, Lady. That was in response to Sarah Longwell, who had simply tweeted. Obviously, Joe Biden is not a political conservative. And yet last night's speech with this emphasis on flag, family and faith in character was more thematically conservative means speech I've ever heard Trump give What kind of terrible person says this Well sold out O'Brien. That's one and she did get some pushback. Even from the Atlantic, but she was ready to fire back too. You know Soledad O'Brien..

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