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Then there's actually a breed. Let's see the Lhasa Apso and the standard. It says dog should be Chari of strangers there, you know. But but when it's in the ring it has to be at least behaved well enough. So if you've got a dog. A whole breed of dog. That's kind of you know, they're supposed to be God like rottweilers. Yes. Okay. You go in rotter, but you know, if if the Rottweiler goes for somebody that dog's out. Okay, it's easy. Flu issue. Kids like MTV challenge. Rules. Any physical contact off the show. Absolutely. I have a bone to pick with dog show judges, and there might not apply to you. But it does I think apply to a lot of the best in show. Judges historically from what I've seen. They tend to go most often to the poodles are to the dogs like the Portuguese water dog that maybe has a little a little like, you know, more. Yeah. That that gets groomed. A little bit closer. And it kind of leaves out some of the other working group dogs Ella, some of the sporting groom. Yeah. So leave me I'm in del missions. And which is in the non sporting group with two poodles Lhasa apsos Tabet and terrace all these hairy dog. Right. And I'm in Italian greyhounds with all those little fluffy getting Nord in the group ring. Exactly, why does that happen? Why do they always go for? I think that's just it. I think the glamorous dog catches their eye like in the toy group. Those dogs are supposed to be up. And you know, I want this Tanqueray on is not that kind of dog. It's low key. It's like a big greyhound great. You know, it's a couch potato dog. You know, it's not gonna do that. Right. So it kind of gets overlooked dalmatian. I think it's overlooked because of there's so many glamorous dogs in the non sporting group and two of them were poodles. Now is it true that every donation has the same amount of spots. No, okay. I just made that up right now. But it sounded like you sound one. What about the attractiveness of the judge is that you know, the handlers judged. Okay. Some people say that happened. I would say so like if I had a really sweet dog I'd be like, oh, Zack Ephron or Emily, Reggie Cousy. Why don't you show? My dog sweep them off their feet, and like the hottest people in the world show my dog that has to count that. I think ninety percent of the dog show. Judges are very honest. And some of them are just some of you know, they see they see something here. This is got a great bone stray dog. I would actually try to pick a handler that looks exactly like my dog. Well, it's amazing. How many owners right you slowly morph into becoming? I keep does age spots here. Yeah. Coming down nation. Is there who's the goat dog? Who's the greatest dog of all time? Oh, yeah. Good question. Click secretary, it's mind. Yeah. But in the dog show circuit is there one that you look at it. That's the LeBron dogs. I don't know. Because I've when the you have so many breeds, and I like, so many, you know, the first time I went to a doctor Joe, I thought, you know, I can I brag about bring about thirty five of these home. You just going supermarket when you're hungry those I want one of those, but you know, like there was a Bichon for a couple years ago that won little fluffy puffy white dog. That was remember that just a great show dog and interiors make great show this been some great terriers. There was a carry brute blue Russell years ago was really good. There was what was it a pointer a couple years ago that was good? But you know, when I see the best in show Westminster. I look at the seven dogs and just go, you know, point, they're all this. So good house there difference in the level of competition or the style of competition in this. The era of dog shows as opposed maybe the eighties or the nice is like a live ball era deadball. Well, grooming is gone over the top. I mean, some of these guys are unbelievable with their criminal. If you look back at poodles in the forties and fifties, they look completely different. What does that mean?.

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