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According to David Harsanyi at the conservative federalist that. The Boston Globe report was quote Luder ludicrously on skeptical. And said that the percentage of native American blood in her is, quote, a far cry from any reasonable threshold to embrace minority status for job close quote. But that's exactly what Warren did. She applied for a job with Harvard and mentioned that she with native American. New York Times said quote, the average white person in America has nearly double the amount of American Indian DNA as Warren there's little genetic data available from native Americans and these tests merely rely on some guesswork by referencing the DNA to people from South America to suggest warrants dubious. Ancestral claims have been vindicated is an assault on reason into foot. That's the New York Times Jews step across the aisle, and maybe try to convince Senator Warren from Massachusetts to come and be the ambassador to Tonga or someplace like that. No, she wouldn't be my first choice. She's been a very very poor Senator she's passed retarget free far away little legislation. She has been, you know, the funny thing about Elizabeth Warren. She's been a lousy Senator terrible. This presence where she she's done. Jerry, Greg calling her Pocahontas regret that I do. I do regret calling Pocahontas because I think it's a tremendous insult to polka. Right. So I would like to. So I don't see a lot of reaching across the aisle. But who knows? Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has surrendered her security clearance almost back, of course, to the State Department's ongoing review of the mishandling of classified information related to Hillary Clinton's use of a private E mail server, and it also gives you an idea of how slow some things move in government because almost a year and a half ago, the chair of the Senate Judiciary committee Republican Chuck Grassley sent the letter to the State Department asking about the status of Hillary Clinton security clearance, in that letter Grassley stated that any government workers who possibly engaged in such serious. Offenses would at the very minimum had their security clearances suspended pending an investigation well three weeks ago. The State Department finally responded to Senator Grassley 2017 letter saying quoting here at her request former secretary Clinton security clearance was administratively withdrawn on August thirtieth twenty eighteen the letter went on to say. That on September twentieth. The security clearances of five other Clinton. Researchers had also been revoked only Clinton aide Cheryl mills was listed. The other four names were redacted, of course, at the time of the probe. Hillary Clinton was running for president. And no charges were filed this summer, President Trump revoked the security clearance, a former CIA director John Brennan. And at the time the White House said it was reviewing the clearances of several other people so about seventeen months after Grassley sent the letter he finally got a response from the State Department. So it looks as if Hillary did a preemptive strike by surrendering her security clearance as opposed to having it revoked Byron York is a conservative writer in a Fox News contributor of a key issue. Of course, in her secret Email server was that she did send classified information over this unclassified, basically unsecured system. And there's really no doubt about that. I suppose you could argue whether it was. Super important stuff or not. But the the fact that it was classified. She did send it in a casual way over an unsecured system. Seems pretty much beyond dispute now. Now, speaking of Hillary Clinton. Did Bill abused his power because of his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, the intern there are people who look at the incidents of the nineties, and they say a president of the United States cannot have a consensual relationship with an intern the power imbalances to wasn't adult. But let me ask you this. Where's the investigation of the current incumbent against whom numerous allegations have been made? Wow. You see your husband was not investigated because he had an affair in the Oval Office. You're being investigated for whitewater. And it came up during the investigation, and he would not have been impeached. Had he not lie about it. Under oath. And which he dismisses denies ridicules. So there wasn't investigation and it as I believe came out in the right place. And once again, Hillary was not asked about the allegation made by an alleged rape survivor named Juanita broaddrick that two weeks after the alleged rape by Bill Clinton, you Hillary Clinton verbally intimidated her that somehow never came up. He didn't do that to the man the Cavanaugh hearing also turned.

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