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Were found safe within the hour in the area of Boston and dexter no arrests have been made meantime the search is on for a white vehicle involved in a deadly drive by shooting on Detroit's west side police say a thirty one year old man was shot and killed by suspects in the white van well he was stopped at a stop sign at Robson and thank all about eight thirty last night the man's white Dodge Durango coasted across the street and struck the building no arrests have been made the victim was just thirty one years old if you have any information you are are urged to call Detroit police crime stoppers is hoping a tip will help solve a three year old murder case there it is a sin offering a twenty five hundred dollar reward for information about the murder of a twenty five year old person that's Jordan Samuels and what David Samuels was shot at the Williamsburg apartments near west road in I. seventy five back in December of twenty sixteen he lived in the complex with his girlfriend and her two children anyone with any information to call crime stoppers you can remain anonymous one eight hundred speak up WWJ news time six oh five China is expanding its lock down against the deadly coronavirus to unprecedented thirty six million people well the number of confirmed cases in China has now climbed to more than thirteen hundred with at least forty one deaths meanwhile there is now word that three patient take cases are in Michigan there been submitted to the CDC for testing for the virus all are individuals from here in the metro Detroit area one from a calm county to from washing all county again emphasizing these cases are being submitted for testing for the corona virus and have not been confirmed however the Michigan department of health and Human Services continues to actively monitor the outbreak that originated in Wuhan China based on respiratory issues individuals are having travel history all you know some of the things that we're looking for as far as that could be a potential case of corona virus on bills are being reviewed by our laps down and the ones that on to meet the case definitions are being sent off to CDC for casting thanks Lynn something with the state department of health and Human Services John Hewitt WWJ newsradio nine fifty just how bad is the corona virus Dr mark as their votes infectious diseases specialist with Henry Ford says it's concerning public health officials but he says the flu is much worse we've already seen up to about nineteen million cases of flu in the United States we've seen over two hundred thousand hospitalizations related to flew in the United States and they're been seventeen thousand deaths that have been attributed the flu or its complications so the the there's much more of a concern for us for flu he says the people who are elderly chronically ill or immuno compromised or at the highest risk for complications from the corona virus with the latest on the two potential cases in Washtenaw county this evening Susan wrangler Sir Negley are a spokesperson for the Washtenaw county health department spoke live on W. W. J. they're being tested for this virus however those experiencing mild symptoms and out of a book of an abundance of precaution they're both isolated meaning they're not having additional contact with anyone as the local health department were monitoring their health carefully checking for fevers are additional symptoms twice today regular cynically is says if you have not already if you have not recently traveled to China your risk of infection is very low former and current Beaumont patients urged to remain on high alert following a data breach the personal information of more than a thousand Beaumont patients could be in jeopardy well what health system has wrapped up an investigation after discovering a former employee of change unauthorized access to patient information officials say the employee.

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