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Some point because it's impressive what you're seeing i'll give you lebron james but i can't walk the warriors i you know what kevin durant i mean ask you a question leslie big toronto raptors fan no not really on your who only because i got tired of lab i thought that team was gonna beat cleveland but who knew developers would just fetal up the position who who knew that guy that you're calling i mean seriously the who knew that they would just choke who knew they would just fall apart they never had a chance to beat lebron then that's the reality of the situation we can talk about other calves were vulnerable and all that they never had a real chance to beat lebron and history show not the last two years and now make it three years and that's why twin cases out of a job because they're not beat lebron they couldn't beat them one time cut what's eight five five two two four cbs that'll series just one game what game thanks one game we'll take time out we'll come back we'll take your phone calls it's zach yelp show right here cbs sports minute number two does not look like a number two i don't know what to call it is there a number three table for four please anything close to the restroom middle seat with these stomach problems that's my fear of flying sound like you if it does you could be one of the many people with the digestive condition called excellent pancreatic insufficiency or ep i even if you don't know what he is you might know the symptoms frequent diarrhea gas bloating stomach pain if you have even just one of these symptoms you could still have api because not everybody experiences cpi the same way which is why it's so important to open up to your doctor about all.

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