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But jared was you know in the fifth round in it was unacceptable. Even at the time at the time for jared to fall to the fifth round like you was super productive in in clemson in a fantastic college player in the only real knock on him was that he was short. He was like six feet tall That was kind of a ridiculous thing for you. Know a player to get knocked so much from the drop. All the to the fifth round like jared should have been a second second rounder probably given like everything off taking everything into consideration. The you know it's The falcons gain they moved up. I remember you know. He's also a toggle son so it was. You know it was. It was a great moment. Jessie tuggle announced the pick and he immediately got a lot of sports from the fan base of the so i. I wonder where. The where where jared goes. If there's like a full redraft twenty fifteen class like you know how top of the second if not in the first easily doll i mean like i thinking. Oh no i'm thinking more like he'd be top ten like ed this entire drive classmate like i mean if there's a redraft like right now like today He was you know fanta and this is one of those where you know. We've gone through each round and we're like. Oh while the falcons could have also gotten this guy who's a better pick. Who would have been. Better peg the falcons could have gotten this guy. Notes hindsight twenty twenty. But this is the pick where the falcons got him and this is other teams being like well. Yeah like a seattle. Yeah we got trae pool. But we could have gotten grady jared Break got john feliciano but we have got dirty or you know. The reagan got allen L. and dollars could have been jerry so it was. It was one of those where this one is. full like. full-on hit. There is no player after him that you would have rather had. Yeah in. I scanned through this draft class. When i was like oh man Especially from this point forward as you go through the six round and into the seventh round there is just no one Maybe maybe trent brown in the seventh round guard with the central cisco but that's it and Otherwise like grady jarrett was the best pick honestly for the remainder of the draft easily. And as you mentioned probably would be a top ten pick if you re drafted this entire class so and rightfully so he's been one of the best interior pass rushers in the nfl Since since he came into the league and who can forget who can forget his performance in the super bowl where he just absolutely was a destroying the patriots offensive line handedly It is a shame that we have not paired him with any other guys in that right now even this two thousand and twenty season. It's literally grady jarrett and a bunch of dudes so sad but hopefully hopefully the next coaching staff next gm will address that finally finally close out the draft Just two last names both taken in the seventh round. Both of these guys ultimately wouldn't do much in league number two twenty five out of eastern washington offensive lineman jack rogers and that new number two forty nine out of san jose state safety slash corner a keen king near these guys. Worked out with the falcons or with any other team in. Its the seventh round on hammer. Too much on these guys So with that on non. We've gone through free agency. We've gone through the draft. Why don't you give me your great if you will for. What dmitrov did the free agency what he did. In the draft and ultimately the job differ the two thousand fifteen season it was. It was a pretty solid offseason overall. I'd probably give it Maybe like a b minus Just because none like you got. You got some nice contributors. You didn't really Wait let let me let me Redo let's make it a solid. Be not to be minus over. Just because grady jarrett was just that good of a pick you know he was like a a game changer. But you know nobody else really like in free agency. You didn't really get any any real game changers You know in the drop vic beasley was was solid for year. But you know that's a top ten. Pick where he didn't make it past his rookie contract. you know. i know we talked about like in the moment but now that we have the gift of hindsight beasley wasn't like you know fantastic. Pick collins was a bust. Coleman was solid jarrett was really good. But you know there was a lot of foundational pieces here Which resulted in that. Super bowl like a lot of a lot of good contributors solid. You know with the super bowl. Of course. we know about a freeman. We know about matt ryan jones. There were a lot of these guys who were worker bees so to speak and in helping the team get to that point and i feel like again had we won the super bowl. We'd be looking at this draft class this overall free agency in a different light because we'd be like oh well jalen collins had great twenty sixteen in we probably don't win the super bowl without like him stepping up and Yeah stepping into it. So you know that's that's a shame but overall that's just how it goes without with evaluating the past. So this was it was all in. We saw grady. Jared to to show for it at this point. And he's been he's been absolutely fantastic. So i this wasn't twenty twelve. You know at the twenty thirteen off season at all so this was. This was one of demetrius better. I know better off seasons..

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