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The mid to upper 40s a perfect day for football and a perfect day to be on the field time now to welcome in our sidelined reporter for this afternoon edward or who has great weather to work it add but all the question certainly are surrounding number twelve for the new england patriots kevin in the blake bortles and the jaguars are out on the field in uniform but we are yet to see tom brady map for pregame warmups but i have told by those with direct knowledge of the injury to tom brady's passing hand themselves laceration near the base of his right thumb located more in the palm of his hand it's been stitched but the injury doesn't involve bone tendons ligaments the expectation expectations that the training of medical staff will protect it cover it and whether brady worst loves on both hands is yet to be determined he has said he prefers not to wear a glove on his throwing hand i'm told over the patriots have made no changes to their offense of game plan since brady suffered lacerations on wednesday zero none if during the game being under center proved to be a problem of the coaches will adjust that's not the expectation at this time in fact one source told me quote if he doesn't play good or we don't play good it won't have anything to do with the hand and kevin when i asked the patriots source here on the field a short time ago who the third quarterback after brian hoyer is today the response was quote don't have one don't need one that is certainly the hope for the new england patriots no question about that much more to come from foxborough including a conversation later on with tom brady and jim gray's we proved pick up between new england objects but when we return scot graeme joins us from our progressive insurance studios get.

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