Andrew Mitchell, Texas, Congressman Stockman discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


The way matters show we at nine eastern on msnbc the former head of the national security division at the justice department is going to be joining us tonight i'm very much looking forward to that we've also got andrew mitchell here tonight to talk about the collapse of the north korean summit which honestly was never going to happen but now it's officially never going to happen but a whole bunch of of newsday i think this is going to be a very interesting show over the course of this hour but i want to start tonight with congressman steve stockman congressman steve stockman is a republican he's from texas and right now the second he is in prison he was arrested last spring he was convicted last month and immediately after he was convicted he was taken into federal custody to wait his his formal sentencing which is expected to happen i think in august sometime in in late summer it was reported at the time of steve stockman scrumptious trial that his lawyers were surprised that they put congressman stockman in handcuffs and took them away into federal custody immediately after his conviction they took him right from the courtroom apparently his lawyers thought he'd be allowed to go home and live free while he appealed his convictions or at least prepared for his sentencing but no congressman stockman was convicted on a whole lot of felonies he was convicted on twenty three felony charges they brought twenty four felony charges against him jury came back and convicted him of twenty three of the twenty four and if you do the math on that that means at his sentencing he was facing a theoretical maximum sentence of over four hundred and fifty years in prison.

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