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Thank you so much for that coach sit back and enjoy all the basketball talk it's fantastic i'm just learning all books that i'm coming to cleveland for game for a week from friday all right i'll be out of town perfectly well well among players who can still play football but have yet to be signed by team next season chris carter and does bronze at this point both have seemingly equal chance to play next year done still unemployed chris has a pretty good job here i as turned on a contract with the ravens packers pass now the forty nine is reportedly are not interested cowboy ceo steven jones says he's not sure why dez is on sign and multiple teams have called the cowboys about this minute that team released is the one where he's not sure why nobody would sign him coach the niners making mistake if they pass on bryant's i don't think when you look at what the forty niners do would their offense there's a lot of shifting there's a lot of motioning there's a lot of movement there's multiple formations they ask those guys to to do a lot of different things on a weekly basis and that really hasn't been something that that does has done or so so you're projecting whether or not he can do it well i think they've also done a good job in san francisco with receivers that they got marquise goodwin he had a nice season last year after not being very productive in buffalo so you see some growth by some of the young receivers i drafted a young receivers well dont they pettus more of a punt returner right now but he's got he's got some serious upside so it doesn't really make any sense for them i don't think at this point to go guy like this.

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