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But we flipped the whole thing. Dave by making you start off your resume with who, you know. In fact, that's the label. I mean, that's the actual heading that we put in bold who I know what you gotta do is is if you're applying for a role at Ramsey solutions, you'd better have somebody who works here. Right at the top. And explain how you know. And then get an somebody or something. That's exactly those. There's too many applications too many resumes on the pile. And once you get in the pile. You're just part of the pile. Yeah. We know from research that the average hiring manager spends six to sixty seconds scanning a resume, so it's like playing the lottery, if that's what you're gonna leave your potential up to buy disability to resume and hoping that somebody looks at it and see something that will get you a phone call. And so the resumes a brochure, but again, it better have a relationship attached to it. So you don't have to know me personally. But we heard someone she's great. She's she's she's actually a social media for me. And Chris HOGAN, her name's Catherine. And when she applied she had Christie rights name at the top while she had a relationship with someone who knew Christie, well, and so that person was able to reach out to Kristy and say, hey, I know her she's really sharp. She's got all the talent world, great experience should be good culture fit. You think that didn't help her? Of course. Got a right to the front of the land. It did not win the job. But it got her got her the intervene got her the phone. Call. Now what you do from there. You gotta go in and you've got to perform gotta have you gotta outperform other people you have to soon that you're going up against other well-qualified candidates. But again half the battles getting in the room getting a phone call the opportunity to get an interview. So the right Connor resume building the resume the right way with a relationship is all outlined in this really slick PDF download that's completely free at the kin. Kora Ken Coleman dot com. The Ken Coleman Coleman dot com and get the free PDF. Download of that. Can we got some questions coming in about careers? Let's go to Cameron in Chicago. Hi cameron. How are you? Hey, dave. Better than I deserve. What's up? Well, I have a quick career question for Ken. Currently working as a laboratory technician in the pharmaceutical field, and I have tuition reimbursement. But it only goes for current position that I'm in, and they kind of limits me to becoming a Kim in store anything that has to do with like biology or science, but I can't have another career in a field where I would be more suited for should. I take the tuition reimbursement. Or should I try to catch another degree in their created? I would like so what do you want to be in? Why would you get a degree or something? You don't like it makes no sense. Because. Go ahead. I mean, I like chemistry. I like science career that I would like to be with people medical seal, either a nurse nurse practitioner. Physician's assistants. Maybe even. Wasn't. It wasn't surging at the beginning..

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