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The prompt. You guys when Defense Attorney Clark. Matthews began his opening statement. He admitted his client cody. Johnston had done some strange things but murderer or as it's called in deliberate homicide he said that was absurd. Your task is determine whether they've proven you beyond a reasonable doubt. Cody deliberately killed Nicole. I Codex responsibility to give you this explanation of why she's missing because he can't do it. If Matthews at his fellow council Casey more both of whom declined datelines request for an interview could convince even one of the jurors of reasonable doubt cody. Johnston would walk out of this room. A Freeman Mathews. You may begin when you're out the first witness the defense called would be. It's only witness move. That shocked everyone at the prosecution table. I would bet my house that he wasn't going to take this and but cody did and portrayed himself as a hardworking father who bought Nicola home taking her to doctors appointments and loved her children as his own. He told the jury. He was an honorable man who despite dating amber in the fall of two thousand twelve. Did the right thing when Nicole claimed she was having his baby broke up with her and I went back Nicole. Kid- eventually confirmed that Nicole that she was not back told her that I loved her but couldn't listen. We could do this That carry on Long Island that for so for that long and stick to it. And Cody said. The pregnancy wasn't the only thing that call was lying about. He said she was also lying to herself. It turned out that over the years. Nicole had become addicted to painkillers. She was making trips to a Methadone clinic every two weeks to deal with her addiction treatment center and just get smell. Although prosecutors said medical records showed McColl had been cleaned from narcotics or any non prescription drugs for ten months prior to her disappearance. Cody claimed Nicole's refusal to go into treatment was the reason they broke up just before Valentine's Day he said she'd fallen off the wagon. You discuss with her and a need for her. Go to sleep yes did. She agree to that. She told me that for. She said she wouldn't do it because of her kids. Yes I made the decision it was we couldn't we couldn't go on. There was a complication. He said that home he bought for Nicole. And despite that sign sales agreement found in the SAFE CODY CLAIMED. Nicole had never paid him for the hall. And you believed you still own the house. It was clear from texts sympa amber that she wanted cody to get Nicole out of the house. As part of the break-up the morning of Valentine's Day Cudi said he woke up in a camper at his workplace and the poll called him and started yelling at him because Cudi admitted he'd had the place padlocked got concerned all being left. I went towards my house. Cody drove to fairview. He admitted lying to investigators earlier when he claimed he never left work or her house. I find anybody there. I have my assumption ones that either. She had went to the store to cigarettes before she left or I didn't know she'd left to somebody. So are you saying when you went on to fairview? You didn't see Nicole off. And Cody said. It was another childish act to enlist the help of his friend. Bill to move Nicole's expedition sixty miles away to the town of poplar. I was behaving badly. I was I was being very childish and very addictive. I figured I would move her car. I wouldn't drop it off and she would call later on pilots. Say there's your car get your stuff home. Cudi insist that he was never looking for a barrel large enough to put a body in only a small grease barrel to wash tools in and he said he knew the lies. He told especially enlisting his friend to send a message from the Coles. Facebook account did not make him look. Good I will scare so. I thought it'd be herbal thing. I'd get left alone and she would come back. How do you feel about that? There were terrible. Why should people believe he Well I guess the only thing I can say is that I've had Too Shy for years run. I'm here for my day in court to killing the Kovar before cudi. Johnston could leave the stand. There was one more attorney waiting to question him prosecutor Brandt light even though I never thought he would testify. I had prepared hundreds of questions for him anyway. This was all about you getting away with murder crap. No Sir no body no case correct. I didn't really care what his answer was. I knew he was going to say no after dumping Nicole vehicle after hiding her body. You didn't spend the weekend with amber so you can get destroyed on. Sorry no no I did. Not Number Body yes. I spent the weekend number as able to outline my case. Really make my first closing argument to the jury and day. Get Him upset just by cross examined by crossing him. You're hoping this jury gives you rate because you've successfully ever bought correct noser. The prosecution had had its shot with. Cody Johnston it would soon be our coming up you startling confrontation and the verdict will there be justice for Nicole..

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