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In bubbly you're welcome the not so keen on the first lady but they will let him stay but he might go to singapore where he goes for healthcare he might come here to south africa which is a very good friend of his and author beyond what effect could do this resignation have on other countries in africa many of the african leaders especially the sit tight leaders and if i go across this continent must have many in uganda in dr congo joseph kabila in equatorial guinea at obiang all v sit tight leaders must be stunned this was their sena and he has been hounded out of office driven out of office said this is going to perhaps give other africans the the encouragement and the energy and perhaps the courage to say to their leaders it's time for you to go now that's npr's off abby acquisced arked in in johannesburg south africa thank you australia always a pleasure thank you in these but gunman who went on a deadly shooting rampage last week in california used at least two homemade assault rifles these were so called ghost guns weapons that can be built from do it yourself kits are by using instructions found online the kits don't have any registration numbers attached to them and you don't need to get a background check to buy them north country public it'd be as bragged man found there is a growing industry that helps people build these guns to find out how easy it would be to build my own gun here at home i did what i do if i wanted advice fixing a clogged drain or repairing a bicycle tyre a quick search on youtube and boom so you fear ali make this gun exactly the way you see here that's mark serb an engineer in california who makes and sells detailed instructions and drawings for do it yourself handguns in his video he jokes with his cohost about how easy it is no special tools required he doesn't have any of these a sidewalk and maybe a fire it's a little more complicated than that but not much in fact there are a lot of different ways to build pistols assault rifles shotguns some involved three printers and sheets of metal but most require only a few basic shop tools.

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