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In one will stop paying you isn't that great we're gonna start paying you from album dino tamil on oh fantastic it's great to have paid off the of nasser do i own it now we own it will own that album that we charge to four forever that's how record used to work and next time you come back with a record our if we don't like it will say there's no truly medley deeply on there and you'll say have to write like i reply so i went and writer no zone just to give them a number one but that's what they do let's just what they do and then if you're if from me from i saw they're like this is great this is great run after a hit his a hit great although he didn't work oh well we have sixty other artists we can promote we're not going to spend the money on you the men says a don't hughes single data loss in tissera i it the rebel industry now is i don't even know what the point of it is artists succeed without them now them all to meet multimedia companies really i know this is a film podcast shor have held is at work with movies because i don't think they charged the like the promotion is the completely the studio they don't charge the promotion on i mean it's another different fuck it's like a sick cousin to what you just describes almost exactly the same so what i do is they give the director of fee for directing the film correct and the drafty it's points yes after the films recouped right often times the red however though the promotion is handled through the studio and they'll spend millions and millions of dollars on a iron man but then promote nothing for these smaller movies well i can't name names but we have some friends and career has made some films and what they will often do is this a set yaskin's i sat darren aaron ask you want an anti yoga doesn't mean he's my friend just because you know all these celebrities doesn't mean you know putting them putting us in the movies so friends of ass making me the certain budget whatever the record company sorry that film company says you know once she hit this mark then your um prophet modern will increase will stop paying.

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