Amy Cockney Barrett, School Teacher, Brett Kavanaugh discussed on America First with Sebastian Gorka


Could just be a white dude who walked up and grab women by their genitals. And nobody said anything. Right, But you can't do that now. So that's why there's all these people like. Make American great again. What they mean is make it kind of racist and sexist. If that's what you're talking about. So why guys, according to his California high school teacher, Miss the time when we could walk up to women and grab them by the genitalia? Your comment Jennifer Horn I think it is so irresponsible and, fortunately is so Demonstrative of what's going on in our school system. Right now you have people who have absolutely lost their mind. And they are willing to take people down and vilify people who don't agree with them at any cost. You know. The left is the group that's supposed to Really endorse and put their arms around freedom of thought and freedom of individuality. Unless you dear, disagree with them. And then if you do disagree, you are not a woman. You're just one of those stupid white males. You're racist. You're sexist. You're a predator. They want to take you down at every turn. That's what they did to Brett Kavanaugh. They made things up. That's what they're trying to do to Amy Cockney Barrett trying to get her to commit time and time again to things that she doesn't want to commit Teo and that's what you get from this teacher who is telling our kids and this is our greatest resource in this country. That a totally false narrative based on ly, not even in this guy's feelings, but in pure hatred. So where does this and how do you feel? If somebody who follows politics very, very closely is judge about going to be confirmed. I think the judge Barrett is going to be confirmed. I think that I can't imagine. I mean, there are a lot of people who are out there with their tin foil hats on saying that there's going to be some sort of doozy that they're going to drop in that Senator Hirono knew about something that's going to drop tomorrow. I can't imagine that I thought maybe her most impactful moment was when she spoke about race in this country and watching the George Floyd videos with her daughter, Vivian. I don't know anybody. Really. That could come up with any good reason why she shouldn't be confirmed. Even CNN said. If this was under different circumstances in a different time, you'd have at least 70 justices that would vote to confirm if we're being honest senators. I'm sorry, just 70 justices. That's what it's about right Democrats Room and Farrah schooling When the parents to take back the schools we need parents involved at the school board. We need to make sure that we're getting these stories out about these lives that are being told to work. Kid's school choice is important. Getting involved with school boards is important. And you know what If there is any silver lining that's come from this covert pandemic. It's that people are actually paying more attention to what finally finding out because we're seeing in the garbage, the indoctrination.

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