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Is the only other furniture store I've ever even been to. Nabi one is, well, I normally get my furniture from curbside. So a lot of options in the greater Hoboken area actually got my dresser dresser, you hate from Craigslist. The dresser that looks like it's in some haunted bed and breakfast in Rhode Island. It's totally. Normal. Dresser is very, very standard fare fucking dresser. I don't know why some Amish shit. How many lotion stains are on that dresser and keep loosen on the dress show. That's always in the desk. I speaking of picking things up on the side of the road or or sales. I, I watched as you guys know Gary vein or Chuck go to garage sales all weekend on Twitter. That was fucking exhilarating, especially after the fact that if you've seen venom, you know that Rizza med scare sons exactly like him. Exactly. I don't even know if I paid attention the whole movie. Ken Jack knows I kept turning over. That sounds like, oh, Gary v, that's the self help guy. Right? Like the motivational dude. Yeah, he's like the less shitty version of Tony Robbins or Elon Musk. Okay. And he just post videos of himself buying. That's cool. Yeah. Speaking of Elon Musk, you know what? I didn't see last night during that fight all that chaos. Nobody properly used the UN musk, Joe Rogan interview. We'd shot during that fight, which may Joe Rogan's announcing nobody's able to figure that one out that's rare for the internet. Well, the the one fighter Black Beast or whatever. He mentioned it to him in his post fight interview. He said, like anytime you want me to come on and smoke weed with you, I'm there. All right, welcome. We got dick.

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