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That means wildcard Wednesday. Any artists song anything three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is EMMY who was that who requested? It was Donny is called my Baker. And I was questioned for man one. Okay. There you go. So welcome back everybody and Nick Gilio here on seven twenty WGN, and we are talking about we were talking about horror movies this morning, having some fun talking about the ones that really freaked you out. The really really scary ones and the sick and twisted one is that you'll never unsee. We've talked about some of those in. There are a lot of them. And Matt stork was joining us a little bit earlier in he is one of the founders of the windy city horror Rama which is a really really terrific horror festival. That's taking place at the Davis theater this weekend from the twenty six th through the twenty eighth. They've got a great lineup of events and movies. Both features and shorts that are part of the great horror genre. So check out windy city, haram dot com. If you missed the segment our interview, but that got me thinking, hey, let's talk more horror movies because it's one of my favorite. Subjection? It's my favorite genre of movies. And now, we're jumping into acting in horror movies that topic because the academy a lot of the sort of legitimate critics and stuff like that ignore or just completely dismiss the fact that horror movies can be great. They can be art. They can contain great filmmaking and they contend contain really great award worthy performances and over the years. There have been so many great acting performances in horror movies that getting word that I thought we should talk about and three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number. They actually wrote an opinion piece April wolf wrote this. On the on the rotten tomatoes page, and she says in two thousand eighteen Jordan Peele, get out jolted the Oscar status quo by earning nominations for four wards including best actor for you, flew up. It's totally it's not totally uncommon for prestige to plug of horror performance from the dirt and see it as a radiant flower that it is Ruth. Gordon won an Oscar for her. Erie turn in Rosemary's, baby. And the has happened in the past that there have been, you know, some really great performances in horror movies that have gotten the nut. But it's really it doesn't happen. Very often. And so everybody's talking now about lupita Longos incredible performance in in us. Google. She plays two distinctly different but complementary versions of the same character. And she's getting a lot of praise for that. And by the end of the at the end of the year when we get the award season. I really hope that she's remembered for the performance because it's a truly great performance. And you know, Jordan Peele is now you wanna kademi award forget out. He won a screenplay Oscar for it. So he's, you know, got respect from the Academy Awards. Maybe since they're starting to see that, you know, of these movies can be great, or at least, you know, the Jordan Peele movies could be great. Maybe more acting performances. We'll get the the recognition that they deserve. So. I want to jump into some of my some of my favorite acting performances in horror movies, and there are a lot. Here's Jerry WGN. Hi, jerry. How are you Nick? All right. All right. I just wanted to get in there that my scary movie. Was it the lie not the baby? Yup. It's alive. The the great killer baby movie that Larry Cohen may back in the seventies. Yep. Yeah. They gave me nightmares for a while. And then I think my the worst editor an empire movie would be Chad my Jobe, Jon Bon Jovi. Okay. Yeah. I didn't like him. And they by player movie laid. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. Thanks, jerry. I Jon Bon Jovi, and the unofficial sequel to John carpenter's vampires. I this is what I remember about that as. When. Triumph of triumph. The insult comic dog voiced and portrayed by the great. Robert smuggle did a whole segment where they were hanging out with Bon Jovi, and and triumph said I understand that you're in a new vampire movie, and Jon Bon Jovi goes. Yeah. That's right. He's like, okay. Finally, a movie that requires you to suck. So. So. Yeah. Here. Here's some great performances. I don't know if you guys have seen this movie, the Bava Duke. It's this incredible Australian movie directed by Jennifer, canton was the first movie as a director, and she is so good in this movie. The baba is about this. This children's book it's about a woman whose whose husband died in a car crash, and she's got a very disturbed young boy who's trying to sort through the grief and the loss, and they find this book on the shelf about this character named the Buback. And and the book is this mysterious really scary character that starts to manifest itself in the house. And it's a really good and really scary movie and essie Davis is the lead. She plays the mother in the movie, and it is an extraordinary performance, a truly truly extraordinary performance that is really powerful. And and she really puts herself through the paces. It's a great performance one of the best performances in the horror genre in. Years. Deserve more recognition than it. Got. And of course, you know, one of the one of the great performances from last year that was ignored which I think was the best performance by any human being a movie last year, and that's Toni Collette in hereditary. She should have not only been nominated. But she should have won the Academy Award last year. Hereditary not only a terrifying movie, but she is incredible in it. And we've gotten a few texts that mentioned her obviously, eight one five area code says. It's assume that nobody knowledge Toni Collette. And then we've got a three one area code that also mentions Toni Collette and hereditary. This is this is a big one. I think because like she dominated that movie. It was a performance of such power in it varied. She had to play every kind of emotion. And it was an exhausting performance. And she also added to how scary that movie was because hereditary is a really really scary movie. Like, I mean, like massively scary. And I think has and will continue to go on to be revered as one of the most effective in scariest horror movies ever made. One of the greatest film directory debuts of all time, but Toni Colette is extraordinarily great in hereditary and deserved all kinds of recognition, and she should have definitely gotten. Definitely got an Oscar nomination at least at the very least eight one five area code says, Kathy Bates and misery. She actually did win the Academy Award for that movie. And also a lot of people have mentioned it. I actually included it here on the ones that I picked. Four hundred four area code says whatever happened to baby Jane the nanny scared. The hell out of me when I was a kid Bette Davis. Played a great monster in both seven seven three hundred Margot Kidder and sisters. Yes, she's created moving and Catherine nerve and repulsion both great both great performances. You know? I mean, those are those are great performances. I mean, one of them was directed by Roman Polanski who who was an academy favorite would go on to win the Academy Award and all that stuff. Someone includes nNcholas cage, and Mandy, which is a really crazy movie. That was that was released last year. And it's one of those you know, because nNcholas cage has has these moments of complete insanity. You know, he'll make movies where he's just like completely off the wall. It's like wh-. What what is what is nNcholas cage? Doing how crazy how insane isn't it goes cage. And sometimes that's good. And sometimes it's bad. Sometimes it's just embarrassing and weird. You don't know what the hell nNcholas cage is doing the movies bad, and the performance is ridiculous. But that's not the case with Mandy. This is good. Crazy. Nicholas cage. Like, really, really good crazy, nNcholas cage. So all right. What do you guys think great acting performances in horror movies, and I got a bunch more here? And I want to hear from you guys at three one two nine eight one seven two hundred great performances in horror movies. That's what we're talking about.

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