A new story from Sarah and Vinnie


We just pray to a god that I don't believe this is our god well she got free do you want Francisco San Jose a radio station this is the sound of the bay area welcome to you Alice at ninety seven three the hi the little yeah show when the yeah that how did you can even so we I the we still stand they will not the please the Lou Aaron Morris the bones and Alice at nine seven three good morning it's leasing John Martin Luther king junior day return tomorrow LA it's bubbly on Alice count me in see the say Hey kid based on some not so please we stay dry I want to make please I stocks so much so thank you for comfortable enough to feel your warmth starts in my soul and I the bay area's Alice at ninety seven three do you he is and then as you can get fully yeah yes so hopefully this so hopefully this Jonas brothers and Alice in ninety seven three nine kid day is back tomorrow cash winning info radio unless dot com or Selena Gomez lose you to let me this the whole cell phone please understand you little service and.

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