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Stopped outside of Quantico because of a mechanical issue over an hour late with a rescue engine sent to the scene. Jack Taylor w T o p traffic on the forecast. Now, here's Lauren Records. If you like snow showers still around the Fredericks, very area, scooting off to the northern neck, and even into southern Maryland could be mixed with a little bit of rain. We're not expecting much otherwise, skies air trying to clear out this morning and we'll go partly sunny this afternoon temperatures, though, on Lee in the low to mid forties, that is it, so it's going to be rather chilly today. I do believe there's gonna be some upper thirties out there as well wins. Not too bad today. You may get a little breeze here and there, but definitely not as bad is over the weekend, but the winds do return tomorrow. Unfortunately, they'll start to pick up overnight. Temperatures twenties and thirties overnight, But winds are gusting up to about 30 35 miles an hour tomorrow, So that's the main story tomorrow. Tomorrow Tuesday. We are dry Plan of sunshine temperatures low to mid forties but Windchills twenties and thirties. Now the wind starts to settle down tomorrow afternoon. We're pretty quiet to finish out this work week. Wednesday. Thursday Friday looking good forties on Wednesday fifties on Thursday and Friday. Upper fifties senior 60 on Saturday. Saturday will be our next chance of rain temperatures out there now. Up to 35 here in Washington. Upper Marlboro a 33 guanaco at 36 Frederick on Lee at 30 degrees. Thank you, Lauren 9 51 Now it was 79 years ago today, December 7th 1941 The U. S was drawn in the World War two when Japanese fighter planes made a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, killing 2400 people and filling that harbor with sunken ships and destroyed planes. President Franklin Roosevelt addressed a joint session of Congress.

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