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Time for the part of the show that comes next listener feedback. This is the part of the show that's connected to the shin bone. Our first message comes from Ryan on Facebook. He writes question for y'all. Do you have any suggestions on how to politely turn down a donation request to a coworker's fundraiser for a church? Great guy, we get along well, but he's running a four by four by 48 for a youth ministry fundraiser and solicited a donation over teams. I have no idea how to go about not giving my hard earned cash to a youth ministry that looks much like the one that tortured me growing up. Yeah, so yeah, good question. Well, yeah, it's a real shame that Ryan feels the obligation to be polite at all. All right, about the request to give money to the child torturing. The very act of asking your coworkers to support your religion is so fucking rude that social mores should give him, you know, should free him of that obligation altogether, right? Unfortunately, that's not the world we live in though. It would also be nice if we lived in a world where Brian could just say, oh, I'm sorry, I'm an atheist, but Brian told me he wouldn't feel comfortable tossing that word out in the workplace either and I get that. So unfortunately, you don't have no illusions with you at all times. Right. Well, so basically the question boils down to like, how do I best be discriminated against without making waves? And it's a shame that shit like this comes up so often. Yeah. Okay, Frank war alternatives, ask him the name of the organization, then look shook, like we really disturbed and then say, who, who's the leader of that? And then whatever he says, you go, that bastard. They swore he'd never work with children again. I promise Nico worker will not ask for details. Okay. Bonus bonus, you're probably right. I mean, statistics. Okay, one more prank war alternative. How about just an escalating series of increasingly ridiculous Islamic.

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