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Couldn't we all use a bit of daily joy in our daily routines. Well if you sign up for from the top staley joy video series. You'll have incredibly joyful minute long music videos delivered to you. Daily sign up at from the top dot oregon cheer up support for. Npr comes from this station and from the volkogonov foundation supporting programs that protect the environment educate children and promote classical music from the national endowment for the arts the federal agency that supports the arts and creativity in communities across the nation. More information is available at arts dot gov and from the john s. and james l. knight foundation helping npr advanced journalistic excellence in the digital age from npr. It's from the top celebrating. The power of music in the hands of america's kids this week we're having fun going through the archives to pull out some of the most exciting performances and stories. We've recorded recently coming up a teenage baritone from maryland performance the music of alessandro scarlatti pianist. Peter dugan from the tops host is sponsored by susan and gerald slavic..

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