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You. Could get the Brian Lehrer mug coffee mug. And then we throw in the fair trade coffee. So or whatever gift you choose. You also get the coffee, and so it's a great incentive if the programming isn't. And you know, I've said here and past pledge drives that we really don't care how little money you donate the point of this membership organization that's trying to be community radio. Is that everybody who listens on the radio listen to on a regular basis donates a little bit. We don't want to be accountable to just a few people with deeper pockets. We really want this to be a community organization in its structure, and it's funding. And that's why the programming comes out the way it does. And so there's no minimum on membership anything that you choose to voluntarily donate. Makes you a member of WNYC. It's just like that. And this thank you gift for this morning is consistent with that. Idea. So any donation no matter how small we will send you this twelve ounce can of WNYC bland, which I don't know what that means. But it's gotta be good coffee from the Brooklyn roasting company, any donation at all and one thing that you might want to do is match it with the Brian Lehrer show mug, which we'll also send you, you know, coffee mug get it for a ninety one dollar donation to the station or the quarter a day club. Because if you were to donate a quarter a day to WNYC magin that's lot any radio where you just had to put in a quarter in that was your your pay to listen to WNYC for the course of a full day. You wouldn't think much about it? Right. It's a quarter. Put it in a slot yet. I got my. So we're stabbing we hereby established today the quarter a day club for supporting WNYC and that adds up to.

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