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Feel like this is happening at all phones. I'm in at three zero three three one zip code and i feel like most of the problems that occurred and this is what we were told that certain polling locations have problems. And i do believe it's i think it's targeted another thing. They did that. Directly targets fulton. County in particular is forbidding. The use of mobile vans for voted maloney. This is something that was done in harris county in texas and so that helps because you know fulton county gwinnett county. The metro atlanta counties in particular are often burdened with very long lines so mobile voting with that was implemented to help alleviate some of that uh does basically set up a mobile polling sites so that was that helped alleviate some of that so like when they're talking about oh we're making it easier. How are you making it easier. When you're restricting the time period within which people have requested absentee ballot and return. It really wants to make it easier. You could have adopted a policy that several states have. Were you return to absentee ballots. As long as it's postmarked on election day or the day before election day as long as it's received at a particular type it would still count. They could've went that route so there are things that they could have done but they chose more restrictive means the headlines about this. Bill have pointed out that it puts new restrictions on how volunteers can do things like give water or snacks or a chair. People waiting in long lines to vote. But it's even more worrisome than it sounds so for folks who might not be familiar lake line warming is what is keeping the line where he people comfortable who are standing in line. I remember in two thousand eighteen. The new georgia project in some of their electric protection folks literally since a mariuchi ban to one line to keep people entertained because they are waiting in line so long because we have these long lines because it depending on the weather if it's an like you know spring because we have very warns spring time here in georgia or if it's very cold for whatever reason or raining and people in handed out ponchos people handed out. Hand warmers food snacks. I mean you have pieces of the polls. You have a the chef for the polls with chef jose andrea started the shift to the polls this past cycle too. So you have these other things are doing and they have tried to compare it to a partisan electioneering in in the past and you even had raffles burger telling media that it wasn't fact illegal in a felony so before the state actually made it illegal. You had the secretary state telling people that it was illegal and you. Had people be harassed. Accordingly because of his misinterpretation misstatements of law so now that it is illegal to be within one hundred fifty feet. That's the same..

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