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Tractor seven homecoming after running with Christmas council there would make even a snowman shiver all the Cornelius were banned from Christmas. I however had convinced the Queen that I could turn things around should give me till nightfall to figure this out. But Christmas land itself seemed to have a different idea. What is the meaning of this? It has taken a few days, but my memory has returned. Now, it was with a little help from a special fund and little bit of our own Christmas magic. But they're back. We need to get out of here and soon all of Christmas land is coming apart. No, we need her. She is the cause of this. But not not for the reason we thought now Holly this. Listen closely. What exactly did you wish for when you saw the Christmas star I wished that don't be Christmas every day? Right. That is what you said. But the Christmas star said that the Christmas star conductor if I hear one more work from you chestnuts won't be the only thing getting toasty over an open fire. Now, Holly the Christmas star has written me a letter. And she said that your wish was really something called. It's wind you you wish. One thing. You mean another right gum like when? I wish that I could take running even though candy canes, not aero dynamic, but I wanted to do it. So that I could run with Remmy. What I actually wanted was. To spend time with my with my friend. Bingo, exactly. It's all coming together. The Christmas dot has so much wish. And when the.

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