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Voluntary recall of infant ibuprofen has expanded because it may contain overly high concentrations of the drug the manufacturer says no related health problems have been reported the affected. Brands include CVS health, and equate in her sold at WalMart CVS and dollar stores. This is NPR MRs KCRW at four thirty two. Good afternoon. I'm Steve take us rain has moved out of the area at least for the most part here in southern California. And we're going to get more rain and snow this weekend. And you know, we had some snow and rain over parts of the area. Earlier this month. Matter of fact, we had a walloping of rain for four days straight a couple of weeks ago, and this month's storms. Up and down California brought the Sierra snowpack near normal level state. Water officials made the announcement today. This is the State Department of water resources who says the snowpack now is at ninety eight percent of normal for this time of year. Ben hatchet is with the desert research institute in Reno. We can really make up a lot of ground. If we just have a couple of heavy hitting storms now the Sierra provide California with about a third of all its drinking water a new U S drought monitor map released today shows coastal southern California remains in a moderate drought. Much of the central valley in central Sierra are no longer in a drought at all. We're getting some breaking news to something that we've told you about all afternoon PCH was shut down in the Malibu area. This is point Mugu even torture tranquil canyon and places like that. Now, it has reopened after that mudslide on PCH PCH now open on all lanes of Pacific Coast Highway after those mudslides this morning. We'll keep you updated on that. We'll get a check on traffic, by the way with cash on in just a moment. Some of the migrants and asylum. Detained in US custody are protesting against the conditions by going on hunger strikes and agents with US immigration and customs enforcement are now feeding those protesters to try to keep them alive. Here's KCRW Sherry Glaser. When a detainee refuses nine meals in a row ice considers that a hunger. Strike. The agency says almost a dozen detainees have stopped eating at a center in El Paso, Texas, along with four others one each facilities in San Diego. San Francisco Phoenix Miami. But immigration attorneys say the number is much higher almost thirty in El Paso, along the hunger strikers protesting what they call rampant. Verbal abuse and threats of deportation from guards a man tells the Associated Press his two nephews were put in solitary after going on hunger strike and are so weak. They can't talk an attorney for another detainee. Says her clients gone without food or water for a month and has lost about fifty pounds. KCRW cherry Glazer, a nonprofit group called freedom for immigrants says it's documented. Nearly fourteen hundred cases of people going on strikes at US immigration detention facilities, just in the last four years ice for its part says it is monitoring the food and water intake of the hunger. Strikers as well as their vital signs. Let's get a quick check on traffic.

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