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Doing it sideways. I would like to see that on the ring to her belt. Okay, really, like, Wow. What if they know it wasn't Human. She was actually stuffing dog doo doo in people's mail box, and then was taking that dog doo doo and smearing around the sign Ege people had in their front lawn. No. Do you know what kind of sign itch people have out in their front launched Right now. It's probably political stuff. Yes, and I'm not going to tell you who's signs she was. Do doing on, but she was literally Picking up dog Teo and smearing political signs for the mike. I'm that she did not support Can I just say she was probably really proud of herself too like she was probably like this will get him. But I also just like dogs me season their mailboxes. Now they'll know how dumb they are. Also, But in this day and age, don't you just realize your gonna be caught at some point you are to say, yeah, There is no doubt that there is something you can see the video of her like And the rent and I'm prevented Anna They have not caught up with her. But if you've seen a woman in a purple bike in purple cracks of purple crown with the purple T shirt, putting poo in your mailing vaguely of dog sh nieces. Called Call Crimestoppers is OK. This is the detriment. Let that sink in. Think again hand you does your weapon and my.

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