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You have been looking forward to earnings for a month to six weeks. Yeah. Talk about it all the time. I want transparency I wanna know what's going on. I wanna hear what the up to set. And it is interesting. We really have been hearing a lot from CEO's, and we're getting a good sense important yesterday. You your your predictive? That's what we say about you. Tech companies more than any I feel like there's a lot of focus on we're gonna get into that in just a minute with one of our faiths. All right. First up back to the ball to business an overview with Charlie we'll here. So it's going to be given with technology. That is the big story. Well, actually, one of a number of big stories today Federal Reserve as well the right now, we have got the Dow trading higher s&p NASDAQ both on the minus side, but apple will be the big story after the closing bell. Andy Hargreaves has an analyst with key Bank. Capital markets services. Business is still area of optimism for quite a few people. I think he other area would be the watch and the wearables and sort of the combination of wearables with their health efforts. That's something that has been quite successful, and you can build a story around. And the company is set to report its first holiday quarter sales declined since the iphone launched analysts are predicting revenue will keep shrinking in the current quarter. By the way, the analyst the we serve it here. Bloomberg of. Four sixteen share revenue eighty three point nine seven billion dollars. Apple shares their trading lower now down seven tenths of one percent. Also after the bell another closely watch company AMD Advanced Micro Devices shares lower now by four point four percent. Here's where we stand in terms of equity markets, NASDAQ down forty nine down seven tenths SNP down. Three a drop of one tenth of one percent. Dow Industrial's up fifty nine a gain of two tenths of one percent tenure up eight thirty seconds yield two point seven one percent. Gold up six tenths thirteen eleven the ounce. West Texas intermediate crude up two point four percent fifty three twenty two barrel. I'm Charlie Pellett. And that is.

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