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Or wrong. Go ahead tell me. All i said was watching a biological man. Beat up a woman choker. She can't breathe is wrong. It's insane how we accept that as a society. We don't protect the vulnerable. The girls in connecticut high school track or the girls in college new hampshire college track or this woman. Selene provost who got her ass kicked by a former green beret. Bad ass Former male. I will say this is madness. Why would you allow this. It was on tv. I didn't watch morgan. Did so what would you say to the argument. That provos is a free country. She decided not To fight this woman she can. But that's your solution. Because it fight if that unfair. If i were if i were a female. Mma fighter. And i were up against that. I would hope that i would say listen. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna fight that fight. This is not a fair fight. And i'm wondering if if all of the women enemy fighters biological women. Mma fires did fighters the same. I mean it's a good question but they would not be considered the hero in that they would not they would get a lot of pressure on it. Yeah i mean there was. There's always these stories of girls who wrestle high school wrestlers against boys and boys will often take the forfeit. You know just say no. I'm not doing it. I don't want to beat up. And i give them credit for that. It's not right. You should have boys wrestling girls but the choice if the boys either you know beat up a girl lose tour girl or forfeit to a lot of times. You'll see them forfeit on their parents or be there and they'll support them coaches support them say no he doesn't want to wrap is is you know grabbed the girls crotch grab her breasts as part of a competition. Yeah just doesn't want to do it. So maybe maybe the solution is. Everybody says we're not doing it. But then it'll appear like you're not being fair to poor transfer to there's definitely going to be negative coverage of that if you if you take that stand which does seem bizarre if you were raised like your even me like you. Don't you know not beat up. Beat up women beat up all they may think. That's one of those things where i think of you know. Put it to the grandfather test. What would you grandfather say. It looked at this person that used to be a green beret. That is a bad ass. Strong tough mean nasty guy who could just declared himself a woman. I don't believe he had the of when all the way with the surgery just took the hormones and pass the test and dyed his hair pink and now he gets to beat the crap out of girls. It's just so wrong and that's not the craziest part. The craziest part is you're not allowed to say it's wrong or they'll come after you. They will try to destroy you which they will do now. And someone like piers morgan. He'll survive because he's piers morgan. If that would just some guy retina column whatever the local newspaper in that town or that was just some guy you know Making sixty radio station. Yeah he'd be gone. Gone daring to take the side of women against the bullies. That's what you can't do. You cannot defend women you cannot defend girls you must step in line get in line and support the right of the buydell man to literally beat up a woman a beat up a girl. It's just crazy. It's the craziest part of the whole cancelled culture movement. It really is but hey maybe maybe this week this friday night maybe my man bill maher will take this on. Dopey surprised because this is the kind of thing that gets bill maher going. He knows he was a hardcore liberal. He was a hero to the two left. He has stepped out of line and challenge them meant virtually every week. i mean he's still hates trump. he's still won't go all in. He's still generally a libertarian. And is more liberal and libertarian. I would say but he's a drug guy he's talked about. It doesn't make a libertarian. Libertarian say just legalize. All drugs i know. Libertarians are full of it now. Nonaggression principle entertainments could never govern. You could debate in the faculty lounge or you could debate never governed now. Not liberte not libertarian. Has a party i mean. I'm not a party. Libertarian philosophical libertarian. Which is someone who subscribed with christopher. I watched We talked about it when it happened. They had their convention last time. Always probably two thousand sixteen vetch when they chose. I think it was gary johnson. Yeah probably as their candidate and one of the finalists stood up and said he defended the right of six year. Old kids to drive drunk to that that should be there should not be legally should be no laws against six-year-olds driving drunk and i said this is not really going to work in practice. Maybe you know. I think it's wonderful theory but you could never govern. It's it's what you're doing is taking the easy way out. You wanna sound. You wanna sound area dighton. You want to send cerebral. But you don't wanna go all in with the religious people on the right. You wouldn't want to team up with them as religious people on the right aren't offering any good solutions anymore. They're not really for limited government which they said they were showing. The republican party were actually four limited government. Then you'd see more. Libertarians voting for republicans. I got this was happening. I gotta solution outlawed six-year-olds driving drunk i. I know that's asking a lot. You libertarians shopping. I think but one of the leaders of your party libertarian. Steady nonaggression principle gutless. No shoes government to her people and take their stuff. How would you run the country. Then what do you mean. Well how would you govern. This is about the governing. This is not about having a debate. About how about we turn back the clock and remove the The the The income tax. How about we do that. Great solution no income tax right. How do you support the well. There's voluntary ways to raise funds for for military. If you want to defend the borders which is again you could never govern because it takes tough choices Tough choice government gotten bigger and bigger over time. You would say that. That's the case more and more powerful this time. Are you happy with that happening. Not of course not so. I think we can agree that we want the government government smaller. It is so let's do that. Let's do that. What do you want eliminate everything How about the income tax. You think i'd be against that. No of course you wouldn't again i. It's certainly rather hang out with libertarians and liberals but you are taking the easy way out when pressed. They could never give you real solution. What do you mean you want. And it's just could never ever happen. It would never ever happen. It just wouldn't So you can't realistic are many departments of the government Has right now. That doesn't need to be there like the education department. Like why do we have a go. Why do we have the government delivering mail. That makes no sense. I would agree. So let's cut that's easy. Those are easy. They don't have to vaccinate so they're all going to die cova anyway. The six hundred. We don't want see postal. I don't want him to die. Just want him to work for private organizations. Don't need us to deliver this. How about this. No male deliberate. Saturdays would save billions. Well i just don't do that. We've got fed ex. We've got ups all these places. Do you know that is illegal for them to deliver first class mail. Why they're not competing with the government. You also have this thing called email. It's forced absolutely it's antiquated. I'm all for cutting. And i thought there are tons of departments doubting the the defense budget. It's insane absolutely tell me military installations we have around the world. It's like seven hundred seven fifty around the seven fifty military bases around the world. That is some serious pork especially when we're not an war everywhere and you know they thought of cutting defense budget a nickel. It's people all around up and you can't do that. You want to protect the country. Well we just saw Who we are paying for. We saw the likes of million off and the rest of these incompetence. So i'm all for kuttan. The defense budget again. Their budget period. Africa don't eliminate it let six-year-olds drive drunk. That's insane. i think you're you're arguing..

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