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Suddenly multiples up first fellow also how i buddy gardner listen i gotta 39yearold i gotta 30yearold i get three grandkids said a circling y'all gr your daughter's age strata and i'm feeling older listening to you talk about your daughter than i am looking at them growing up house has work i i remember you're cooking we when you work would be paid about how young she was this time flies yeah well i was with fun part listen uh iron boom nice uh nice high s uh checks two three new main boxes uh for for a manager uh analytics uh communication uh media uh if god you couldn't have a better pedigree i mean you know he's thin and basically uh clubhouses sense he's three is all so he's had it picks up enough i by by losses so i have no problem at all with a high i wanted him or off you once it's all traffic just didn't see it's the other three guys so i'm okay with it no robby thompson and i think the yankees will museum but i stand by my there was still no reason to milwaukee gerardy stance bear one per tonne are you gotta khrais okay what do we do now corral i'm okay i'm okay where they are uh robby if you know he like you quite heat i'm really be my co uh what was the guy's name that was fat and quiet guy in the corner uh going on well what to uh pete feared that tehran almost gradually he will he will face saint peter's the brains behind everything but pat was the one that got all the all the headline that's with robby thompson road it added a rooted for omar bradley to get charge of a unit at some point to listen uh the big thing i think that's going to happen in the next week ago uh he's kind of the time how far the yankees go this year is the kids from japan otani i everything i watch everything i see everything i hear this kid you know could make it as they sars the picture and who in my opinion he could make it is a contributed in a lineup uh uh you.

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