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13 after the hour on America in the morning, we're entering the last weekend of winter. Here's your forecast for Mackie weather dot com meteorologist Matt Benz storms ongoing here this morning across the central Gulf Coast states and that threat here for today will extend from Louisiana eastward into central Georgia with regards to storms now any of these storms that today can contain not only heavy rainfall and damaging winds, but also can't rule out an isolated tornado as well as these storms. Sweep east again here through today. Farther north just rain across portions of the Tennessee river valley through the southern and central appalachians. In fact, mainly rain all the way up through Pennsylvania and into upstate New York with perhaps just some snow mixing and right along the border of Canada, there will be some ongoing Lake effect snow showers downwind of the Great Lakes across lower Michigan and the Africa Peninsula in Michigan, some lingering 40s and late snow showers. Northern Wisconsin and across Minnesota, in fact, this is where there is a significant shot of cold air coming down out of Canada behind the storm, so feeling more like February than the middle of March here for the Saint Patrick's Day. There will be some snow showers as well picking up across portions of southwestern North Dakota through South Dakota and northern Nebraska for today. And a couple of snow showers also moving across central Colorado through northern New Mexico for the day as well. Otherwise dry across much of the west here for today, looking at dry conditions for California, northward through Oregon and up into Washington state. It looks like this dry stretch of weather will continue through at least tomorrow, though a stormy stretch of weather is expected to impact places like California as soon as Sunday weather returning for much of next week. Whether across America, New York City, for today, mostly cloudy, high 58° in the twin cities for today cold and breezy, I've just 20. That's the nation's weather. Matt Benz. I'm John trout, 15 after, America in the morning continues. Security concerns over the app TikTok takes center stage in a congressional hearing next week in the nation's capital. Correspondent

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