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Able to step out and aso's questions were because you you have faith in you realize that you're prepared it exactly just a matter of doing it. Here's here's what here's my takeaway. I don't know what your takeaway is the takeaway is we. We have the ability to be a little bit crazy for the lord. There was a book that used to come out Called jesus freaks dc talks wrote it. I think there were actually to love that book. Want head my voice. Read that book you look at some of these things and you go. Oh my goodness that was crazy. Why would you even do that. You could have lost your life the same way with her. She could have lost her life but it was important for her to make peace for her town for her city. She could've lost her life anyway. Had she stayed in the city done. Nothing wants all those men kamien to. Y'all yes so we've got. We have to remember that. Sometimes we had we have to take it to the wall. So i mean we. We have to take it to the wall. We have to fight those fights. We had to and i'm not talking about fighting those fights. Joe have wasn't intimated the city at that point he was. he was an enemy rod. I mean because joab would have destroyed everyone anyone until he found who is looking for and so we had to take it to the wall because sadness trying to destroy your town. He's trying to destroy your city. He's trying to destroy your chart. He's trying to destroy and so there are going to be. Sometimes we're gonna have to get a little crazy. Somebody has to stand far. He has to stay on somebody and sometimes because we're women we feel like it's not our job or will be reprimanded if we do it because why he thinks it's not our job brought but we all it is all our. It's everyone's wrong..

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