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News time is now ten three a crash involving a Detroit school buses warning sending several children to the hospital. WWE's Michael Cohen joining us live and local with the latest Michael Jackie the accident happened as the kids were being transported to school. Although officials say there were no serious injuries involved. Detroit deputy fire Commissioner, David Fornell explains. What happened about eight thirty this morning? We had a car versus school bus accident or right near Shane in Lafayette. We went ahead and arrived on the scene and ended up transporting eight children that were. On the bus under the age of fourteen and they went to children's hospital just to be checked out. It was a precautionary thing the driver of the car along with a fifteen year old in the vehicle were also taken to receiving hospital to get checked out for Nell says it's unclear who was at fault in the accident. Michael Cohen reporting live for w j NewsRadio nine fifty. Alright. Thanks Michael union workers at the Westin. Book Cadillac are upset with a professional basketball team. And as we hear live and local now from WWE's, Charlie Langton hockey team could be next Charlie. Good morning. Well, good morning. Jackie. Yes. Striking union workers. Housekeepers cooks cashiers and others upset that the Brooklyn nets the basketball team crossed their picket line to stay at Mary outs. Western booked the union local twenty four ounce and Sunday morning protesting over wage disparities between other Marriott hotels. Antonio George says other Mariette managers are filling in for striking workers. Is that right? And you know, there there's managers coming down from the big Marriott tap out. They got all cost data still working side of that. But it makes us look bad. We'd be here for years and years to help them out. But we're parents to pay us. And the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team. They'll be in town later this week in the union hopes that they will not cross the picket line and stay at the book Cadillac as of right now. No new scheduled talks are scheduled nothing. Reporting live, Charlie Langton, WJ NewsRadio nine fifty WWE. News time is now ten oh five even though the lions beat the Packers yesterday. It was a Green Bay player who was the talk of that game for unfortunately, all of the wrong reasons, we get more now from W w j as Tony Ortiz. Tony. Hi, jackie. Unfortunately, if you're a Packers fan, it was bad news. If you're alliance fan. It was good news. The last thing image from yesterday's game at Ford field. The face of Packers kicker Mason Crosby who missed four field goals in an extra point on Sunday. Now for most kickers that performance would be their lasts for that team. However Crosby said he feels less anxious about his future in Green Bay because of the backing of his teammates performance on the field..

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