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And then they come away with your other top fifty five take with Lonnie Johnson from Kentucky. I know. He's a promising athlete specimen. And big long body. But I thought he was pretty role too. So I look at their top. I think Scharping Scharping was the highest player on my personal board that they drafted with three top fifty five picks. He was outside my top one hundred players. Wow. That is unbelievable. I like shopping. I actually think that there's a better chance. Scharping plays this year for the Texans then Titus Howard Scharping. I a hundred percent. Yes. Smart kid, physical. You know, you've got a lot of experience. I think that there's a better chance that he plays. It's kind of crazy, and you're so right it seemingly the thing too. Is it's such a huge need. And it's the wrong situation for Titus Howard to go into now, maybe it's sink or swim, and he'll be able to to swim. But yikes. The other team I think was interesting that you didn't like or one of them that you thought they missed tell me about this incentive angles. Dangle came in and they had a lot of draft capital. And they thought they did an excellent job in in round one leading Joan Williams fall them, and they, you know, new coaching staff there they really need to get the offense of line, right and figure out the offensive tackle positions. Joan Williams what you wanna play him attack or guard. I think he's one of the players and draft class. You watched his full body of work. I know you became kind of popular to knock him down because it was a couple of reps against Clemson on the twenty nineteen national championship game. But go back and watch Mike mcglinchey against Georgia in two thousand and seventeen. And then remember people wanted to knock him for those kinds of reps to because of three or four bad webs in a bad rep against Miami. And then he goes in the top ten and he's one of the best rookies in the NFL. I think Jody Williams will be similar type of success in his rookie year. But you look at the rest of the draft class and. Drew sample was a big surprise for me. It's fifty two. I look at some of the tight end that were still on the board here. That's really how been trying to gauge this trying to look at the strengths and weaknesses of the team understanding so the filters that they're looking at the players through. But then looking at some of the opportunity costs of other players that were on the board and other directions that they could have gone, and and for me drew sample that fifty two is really really rich was surprised to see him come off the board that early I felt like he was an ideal tied into in the pros, but not necessarily somebody that you would really want to take almost the top fifty player j Sternberg or stands out as another tight end of who was still on the board that I felt like could have given them some similar success. Even Kyle warring who went eighty six to the Houston Texans who just got done talking about their draft class worrying if you want block or with some receiving upside, I think warrants an. Equal Calvin blocker true sample, but I think he's got much more upside to his receiving skillset worryingly played one year high school football walked on its sandiego state after two years, he was scholarship athlete, and he's he's still Rawls route one or but he's got some really nice ball skills. And I just felt like that pick seemed a little premature and they went to remain Pratt at seventy two Ryan Finley. I think is an ambitious thick and they trade up for Ryan Finley that that kind of felt like me what the CJ Beathard pick for the San Francisco forty Niners was a couple years ago when they traded up to the end around three to draft bathroom and next thing. You know, Beth the QB three in San Francisco, and I don't see the the ceiling there with Ryan Finley. So they had a lot of picks and they got some nice guys late..

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