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Acm when you have been dating four years and years and years on the whole point of batter nazis like telling us stories because odds stories have ended conventionally the help we haven't got married we haven't had babies we haven't had this happy of a raft at a fairytale hasn't ended in fact like the fairytale and did in a hands christine arms go suv segment send we've have to grind native blood around in the wilderness so i wanted to say you know we have had stories we are alive we do exist and i think that was part of what i managed to david unbound was due to share action united come on late rebecca traced this was the single ladies the can the us by her hand we really have renewed you kind of its is and you know i try pitching things about single women it's like nobody wants to hear about it because we have to to surmount rate also interesting and i think that's why i wanted to do this anti valentine's day absurd because the proportion of people he'll probably listening to this i bet you it's more single the not if we're talking about this twenty to thirty yearold women bracket yet and i always say you know if i have met my boyfriend on the stroke of luck about day yeah i i i listen i've been kind would we single now just because i work with women i go out with women and i'm very very introverted y'all held i meet some one yeah i'm sure i be alright on dating apps but it frightens me how did you meet a boyfriend in real life that yes i met him when he free nonstop somewhere i was looking around six is a when people say oh how'd you meet someone is i will this law.

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