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Tonight, the world light heavyweight title is online when Japan's Dutch under liger defense's title against flying Brian, the World Tag Team titles at stake when the steiners go head to head against Ireland innocent and beautiful Bobby. The United States heavyweight title is challenge when ravishing Rick roof battles Ricky that dragon's steamboat and the world heavyweight title match the total package Lex Luger against his former best friend staying live from the back of his new walkie it's super pro to. There we are JR live from the Mecca in Milwaukee. We're all excited. We're fired up and we're ready to go. The feedback to the show is overwhelmingly positive. Melter observer readers, 89.5% thumbs up. Yeah. This time frame is never really thought of being one of the highlights for WC but WCW, but this show really is just a hell of a card and we're gonna run through it together. A few notes here before we kick off the matches. From the observer, it says a lot of people expected super brawl on Saturday, February 29th from Milwaukee to be the show of the year. While it was a virtual consensus that it was a good show, somehow expectations were so high that it didn't quite live up to the card of the year mark still, there was a legitimate match of the year contender on the show and most of the matches were good. The main event in which sting defeated Lex Luger to win the championship for a second time was a letdown for a pay per view main event, let alone a major world title change match preliminary figures we've received as of Monday indicated a buy rate around .6, which if it holds up nationally, has to be a terrible disappointment. While legitimately, some of this can be blamed on the increase in price from 1995 to 24 95, one can't blame a fallen purchases by almost half from starrcade on that. Part of it has to be attributed to the main event, not garnering enough interest. Considering on paper, this looked to be a great card and with the debut of Jesse the body Ventura thrown in, it says there's still a long way to go being one month before a WrestleMania priced at 29 95. Wow, remember those days where Russell mania was 29 95. But they've run pay per view shows one month before mania every year and always have done decent business. If the .6 holds up, that would be around a $2.35 million total gross. Jim, do you remember the pay per view buy rate being a disappointment at all? Not really, not specifically, Paul. It's just there's too much on my plate and everybody else's play quite frankly to worry about things you can't control. The buy rates in. Here's how it was received. This is how many people bought it. So not really. It's just time to move on. We got more shows today. Understood, well, it is a full house jam 4000 fans paid for a $67,000 house coming so soon after heard resigns. It has to show something that the company is doing right. You would imagine things seem to be moving well so far without herd, right? Yeah, it was progressing. It was progressing and there was an attitude change heard at alienated so many people on the roster that his departure seemed to take that dark cloud and move it to out of the way so you could see some sunshine. Well, Jim, the show opens with what many call one of the all time great matches. And it's pillman pinning liger in 16 minutes, 58 seconds to regain the WCW light heavyweight title. Pillman was legit working against doctors orders because of a back injury. There were so many hot moves in the smash that you couldn't even remember them all, but there were dives out of the ring. Hot moves in the ring, unique submissions, and all kinds of hot moves like power bomb, superplex off the top rope, German suplexes, and the like for near falls, which popped the crowd like it was Japan. There's the Japan reference. Yeah. For the most part, the crowd cheered both men. There was a USA USA chant when liger had pillman in the figure four, but almost immediately laggard in a somersault splash off the top rope to the floor, which got the crowd chanting Jew shinju shin. Dave says I sensed there was a solid percentage of the crowd that wanted to boo liger going in, but they couldn't. Anyway, describing it doesn't do it justice if you didn't see it, get a videotape. Well, you can watch it on peacock now. Finish saw lager miss a diving headbutt off the top rope and pillman pin him with a Japanese rolling crotch hold. Yes, that was. What? Yeah. A rolling crotch hold. A Japanese rolling break that out on dynamite. Is that the Japanese rolling crotch hold? We know that. Liger handed film in the belt and both guys hugged after the match to a huge ovation and the crowd heavily cheered both men when they left the ring four and three quarter stars. I don't even know if there's words for this match Jim, and the fact that pillman has a smash against doctors orders. Are you surprised lager didn't do more in the states? No, lager was a fixture in Japan. So is a visit to the states or sporadic.

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