United States, Venezuela, President Trump discussed on BBC World Service


Vote to choose some five hundred delegates to an assembly empowered to rewrite the constitution and national strike called on the opposition in protest against the vote is entering its second day on wednesday the us announced it was imposing sanctions against more than a dozen venezuela's most senior political and military officials at decision president maduro described as illegal insolent and unprecedented defence thought i thought oneill what were the as imperial as from the united states thinking that they're the world's government can we venezuelans except that the united states government is the government of the world we do not accept it and we condemn it alexandra elmer is reuters as correspondent in the capital caracas so what effective any does she expect the us sanctions to have president nicolas mental has just had a televised ceremony with nearly all of the sanctioned officials am celebrating with them what he says the proof of revolutionary credentials and he actually gave them the same mentioned officials are replica of the sword used by latin american liberation hero seem believe at so it seems like the present is trying to use these sanctions for political gain as he has done in the past temporarily and other than that this these things will not have a huge effect on the country given their targeted sanctions against india visuals and not big economic sanctions hitting crucial oil sector although this compensation has warned those could still come now we're in the middle of a twoday strike house successful has been so far we we're hearing some reports that might not be as effective as last time say crisscrossed correct as today and there were people know wealthier area of caracas closing streets with using everything from garbage bags returns to bits of cars to bring caracas to a standstill on this side of the city it was quite successful bought in the poor western area of caracas aintree several people told me you know at last week i went on strike because the situation is terrible and we want madonna to resign but this week i have to eat and spoke to a vegetable sellers have two kids and into spent a huge amount of money interest in buying milk for them as a head to reopen my stall today do you see any possibility that sunday's very controversial votes on.

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