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That's completely fair game. I i like the the business space that it carries a lot of intensity of people are really inclined to listen. I don't mind sports world if you the athlete or paying me and You have an have demonstrated to me. You have what. It takes to be approachable. Someone that can step in to. What's possible here. And i think that's becoming more difficult over time as the athletes. Start to overestimate Their abilities and their contribution to humanity That's become a little bit more difficult to find the same about that. Last sentence you said their ability to contribute to humanity. Why important for you. Well because i think that There are people out there looking for a ways of engaging life lead to a life of prosperity in value. And we take our cues from someone and usually those are people that are in the spotlight and listen. If you're in the spotlight therefore what area say. We ought to take his true. That's not really true. either. That's that's myth and i believe that There's a lot of opportunity here to influence in just a beautiful way. That i don't think is being capitalized on I think it perpetuates a lot of the mythology and That's not a game that i liked to play. I feel that we need to give people skills and tools. That will help them. Have a lifetime of double wins together.

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