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My name is paxton. The world is also an. Here's who help you know and care more about the world beyond the u. s. a. Today state this november twenty eighth twenty twenty. I can't line as a man holding a smiley face carport. In singapore got arrested. You're hurt that right. Why public protests in singapore is basically not allowed jovan. Wom knew he was going to be arrested. He says he stood outside of police station with the smiley face. Cardboard to show support for young activists were recently arrested for saying that singapore's should do more to stop climate change. Our second line is net. Flicks is facing a boycott in india. Because of a kissing scene net flicks is a major streaming website. Movies and tv shows that your parents make subscribe to netflix recently. Showed a movie called a suitable boy based on a book by a famous author. Named vikram seth. The movie shows a young hindu woman was kissed by a muslim man and a hindu temple. Hinduism and islam are two different religions. And sometimes hindus and muslims don't get along and this is one of those times are third cat line. Is canadian officials warn drivers not to let loose lick cars. That's right. why lose crave salt. They really wanted but if they get into the habit of licking the salt from cars which is splashed there because salt has been placed on the road to melt snow. They mean come used to being in the street and then might get hit by a car. Our forth get mine is. Scotland is the first country to make tampons and pads available for free. Most women need these once a month and they can cost a lot of money. Our fifth cat line is the family of a very outspoken. Political prisoner in saudi arabia asks the g twenty to take her stand lou. Jane al hathloul is jailed. Women's rights defender. This is an unusual thing in saudi arabia because women do not have the same rights as men. for example women weren't allowed to drive cars until recently the g twenty is a special meeting with the twenty most powerful countries in the world. I'll lose. The family wants the leaders in saudi arabia to make changes in the country and admit that they have made mistakes. And dr question of the day is why shouldn't drivers let moose lake their cars. Is it a if moose lake cars. They will get used to staying in the road. And that's dangerous be if moose lake cars. Saudi women won't be able to drive or see if moos lake cars. The salt and saliva will put a lot of rust on cars and the answer is if moose lake cars. They will get.

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