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The book is by former NBC news reporter running pharaoh who also alleges that NBC executives caved to pressure from Harvey Weinstein to Stonewall Ferris reporting on the Hollywood mogul our own weekend edition Sunday host lugar scene of our sat down with Ronan Farrow earlier today to talk about the book and loose here with a preview of that interview high hi Matt Lauer has put out a lengthy statement denying that he raped broken novels the former NBC news producer you asked running pharaoh about his reporting on her allegations what he said yep ferro says he stands by his reporting it was quote fact check to the nth degree Lauer is claiming that the first incident between him and novels was consensual not rape and the beginning of an affair now Ferris as she was forthcoming about her continued interactions with flour but clearly saw things very differently she readily concedes that there were communications where she was trying to not make an angry where she feared for her career she was trying to make it okay in her only heard of to herself and state cheerful about it but that this was never something she described as an affair this was a painful agonizing process ferro says Lauer's behavior towards women and NBC was an open secret a he reports in his book and told me that there were multiple nondisclosure agreements dealing with sexual misconduct well before his firing and he says he spoke with multiple NBC executives who had heard about it so the pivot from out Lauer to another me two stories Harvey Weinstein ferro says that NBC executives including the president of NBC news no Oppenheim tried to stop his reporting on the wind Steen story he ended up doing that reporting for the new your car and won a Pulitzer for it would run and tell you that yeah Farrah told me that Harvey Weinstein was calling Oppenheim and other top brass at NBC frequently ferro says his reporting shows they gave assurances to one scene that they would kill his story he has reporting to back it up and then there's also this comments Oppenheim allegedly made to Ronan Farrow during his reporting about one scene asking how serious is this stuff really he says there were six times that Oppenheim told him to actually stop his reporting also feral includes excerpts from columns Oppenheim wrote in college at Harvard anti feminist writing including this line quote apparently women enjoy being confined pumped full of alcohol and preyed upon they feel desire not to mean and I asked ferro why he thought these columns were relevant I go to pains to say no Oppenheim was young when he wrote that however it's worth noting that in the context of the book it becomes relevant because his behavior does not advance the thinking of someone who has grown and changed in the way that I readily say is possible and even hopeful over the years you know this is someone who is making very similar arguments in the present day as a rational for shutting down the story saying you know this is simply not news this does not matter we should note NBC is completely denying pharaohs version of events but there are reports in Oppenheim is facing really tough questions right now on NBC and then perhaps related to my scene story Ronan Farrow told you an anecdote involving interview request he had with secretary of state Hillary Clinton tells about that yeah he said Hillary Clinton had committed to doing an interview with him but then she suddenly got quite busy or that's the story her press person told him after referencing his continuing reporting on one Steen now wants dean raised funds for Hillary Clinton she has described him as a friend and this is how he describes how he views this introduction I don't suggest that she was of paramount importance in terms of the machine of complicity around Harvey Weinstein I do think that she was part of the broader circle of powerful interests that were allied with now ferro does say he eventually did get that interview with Clinton but he said to me that he had to tell her that he was going to disclose the nature of that conversation and that is what led to that interview being given to him in the end and we should also say that to Clinton's press person Nick Merrill says the timing of the postponement of that initial interview was a coincidence of course we'll hear more of your interview with Ronan Farrow on Sunday morning on weekend edition lugar scene of our thank you for talking with us my pleasure the two thousand nineteen Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Ethiopia's prime minister I'll be Akhmad he is credited for ending the twenty year conflict between Ethiopia and its neighbor Eritrea the Nobel committee cited in particular Arby's quote decisive initiative in resolving that border warm for more on IV and peers East Africa correspondent eater Peralta is here and I should know you're actually in the studio in DC welcome home thank you SO nine zero so nice to see you in person are so tell us more about Abby act mad who is he wanted to come to power to give the power about two years ago when he came to power after a huge popular rebellion I mean it was more than a year of street protests up bloody deadly street protests and what Abby did as soon as he came to power no one sort of expected it because he was coming in from the ruling party was he changed everything and let me just give you an example is before I beat when I would go to Ethiopia I would have to go in and say that I was reporting on the African Union and do everything secretly records secretly meet people secretly and then I became into power can overnight it just changed people were on the streets they were criticizing the government I was able to have coffee in public with opposition figures with a big microphone in front of them you could commit journalism in public on the streets a trait and that that was such a huge change in the field well in this is fascinating because you're describing a man who had not been in the job for even two years ending a twenty year old war being been credited with ending in twenty or more I'm sure it's more complicated than that how did he manage to do it he just to clear it I mean he literally got on a plane and met with the president of Eritrea and somehow convinced ICS of perky to fly to Addis Ababa and have these peace talks and they did and all of a sudden the president of a country with whom I feel a lot more right now being welcome to an end I'll be decided to pull away all the troops from the border area and open up the border you know switch on the phone lines that had been dead between these two countries for thirty years and all this and what you saw was these just amazingly emotional reunions between brothers and sisters you know cousins who had not seen each other in decades end these two men I'll be arguments the civic we reached out and said let's end this so I suppose the question is is this achievement for which the Nobel committee has just honored abi Akhmed will it in door is a premature to give the prized somebody who it helped to end the war but the words just finished I think that is the hardest questions on both fronts by the way the borders have closed since then I'm not because there's conflict it but because Eritrea is still till this day one of the most authoritarian repressive countries in the world and then I'll be has a huge problem in his own country that is it just being split apart by ethnic violence I mean there have been more people displaced in the past two years from fighting in Ethiopia than there has been in Syria and the same time at the same time period and I'll be is this kind of inspirational figure but he has been unable to inspire his people to stop fighting amongst each other and one political analyst I spoke to today said that what this prize does is it allows him to try and mend this country once again that is in Pierce East Africa correspondent ator Peralta talking about Ethiopian prime minister RB Akhmed who today was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize thank you thank you you're listening to All Things Considered.

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