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I would say for the first time is reduce the cost of rejection two males two zero because it hides it. You don't wanna people you ever hear from our people who have rejected you, although although they true. But there was one man who had to make three hundred he he actually tallied it you had to make three hundred requests of swiping writer reply. So he had the sensibly. Sure. Sure. Sure. But it's massively attenuated because you're not being humiliated, not at all not at all. It's really it's really at arm's length, and you can wipe very very rapidly. And so you been all that rejection over with. A very short period of like losing video gamers, well, less. We're not. I mean, not nearly as bad. So I don't know what I mean. Tender also, reduces the one of the other things that things that you want to think about with regards to sex, and I think this is probably particularly true for women is that to what degree is it in women's interests to allow the cost of sex to fall to zero because with pornography, certainly does that. And it just seems to me that that's not a very good long term strategy for relationships between men and women because whatever sex is worth the cost of zero is the wrong price. And so that's you know, I heard the bunny ranch and pay quite a bit for well. True true. But that's true. But you don't have to. I've heard from a number of women what written read blog reports on their frustration with their attempts to be relatively sexually selective. Like, let's say they decide that they're not going to sleep with their new partner on the first date in they're frustrated by the fact that to the degree that they're being cautious in their sexual behavior. Which I think is actually an admirable idea that they're instantly out competed, especially if they're partners are somewhat impulsive by women who will say yes at the drop of a hat. And so well, again, I don't think you know, what depends on what the goal is. That's the thing is that there's the short terms short-term, sexual gratification. But the literature indicates that married couples, for example, or couples in permanent long term monogamous relationship are more sexually satisfied than single people. And maybe the single people have to be passed out into those who are sexually successful. And. Those who aren't but I suspect that would make that much difference. But whatever there's the utility of relatively immediate sexual gratification for whatever that's worth in the adventurous nece that goes along without let's say the hunt and the excitement of having a new partner in all of that. And maybe even the danger that's associated with that. Because people like to have a little bit of danger in their life. But what's the goal? It's like what do people want? And I mean, there's a great book called a billion wicked thoughts that was written by Google G nears. And so it contains great psychology because Google engineers don't care about political correctness. And they just write down what they find. They don't even notice that. It's politically incorrect, hence, James damore, for example. And what they found was that women use pornography just as much as men, but the pornography that women use is verbal it's not just and the pornographic novels, essentially, followed the same extraordinarily standard plot line to the degree that. Publishing houses like harlequin. We say, it's the it's the bodice rippers the restaurants now. Yeah. Right. So in the harlequin series. You have the ones that were published like in the nineteen seventies. That are pretty tame. There's a sniping. They're pretty hot actually. Well, there's a variety they rain. They range -pletely tamed to essentially hardcore pornography, but the but the plots are quite similar and the plot is young relatively innocent woman finds powerful interesting dangerous male tames him, and then they have anti-graft enough. Yeah. It's the beauty and the beast plot fundamental search for women on porn hub, we discovered we did an episode on point was for women. It was rape. Wasn't that like the no lesbianism, or at least that was your point? That was your thought me. Okay..

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